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    1. I was totally expecting the verdict to go the other way. The judge allowed the jurors to consider the castle doctrine. Thankfully they saw through that bullshit.

      I have mistakenly entered the wrong apartment before. I had no ill intent, but they could have shot me and been cleared for doing so. Being white might've saved my ass.

  1. Question: What fun news-y blogs do any of you suggest? I don't mean NYT or WaPo, but lefty stuff like Wonkette? I really liked Think Progress but it's a archive zombie site now that they fired all their writers. I read Daily Kos, which isn't really news but is a good starting point to get news and links from a lefty perspective. I read Talking Points Memo, Media Matters, Pro Publica and Teagan Goddard's Political Wire, but I just feel like there's got to be other ones out there that I might like. I like Empty Wheel but she writes so long, I mean more along the lines of short- to medium-length articles and some snark or at least some attitude is a plus. For a long time I've gone to the old Gawker sites but lately they seem to be getting emptier, and I do wonder if their staff is slowly being let go. Those sites used to be a lot of fun and were updated frequently daily, but no more. And of course no way on Salon, even if their site wasn't buggy, that place is just weird, and I am not big on Politico and those sorts of sites, either.

    Please feed me ideas!

    1. I have no ideas.
      The Guardian I suppose. But mostly just headlines from google and then to my trusted blogs for the lowdown.
      Depending on the topic. Advantage to us Westies is that by the time I look at the news [ especially this admin ] shit has been spewing for a coupla hours already so is easy to go get the hot stuff.

      eta: also look at places like Eschaton and BJuice because comments don't seem to be too constrained by 'topic' threads, so there's often important news linked .

      1. I'll take a look at those. They are in my bookmarks but they've never really piqued my interest. They seem more about the comments as you say. I don't know what exactly I'm looking for, but it just seems like there must be something out there fresh and interesting.

        I also think maybe it's because a lot of the people who might have had blogs before are now doing podcasts.

        1. It's been a long time since Democracy Now! was a thing. After a while Amy started to really annoy.
          The commenters at those two blogs are just enough eyes on the world to alert to stuff, although the posts themselves can be spotty. Need to scan and scroll a lot .
          Atrios has his obsessions for sure. Silverman and Rofer at BJuice do Nat Sec stuff. LGM and Lawfare , the twitter gangs. Yes, and the Deadspin, Jezebel, Root Collection. Wired .

          1. I agree about Democracy Now. Somewhere during the 2016 election and their breathy fangirl adoration of Jill Stein I just stopped going there. I'll check out those other two.

        2. Like you said, the paradigm may have shifted to twitter feeds and podcasts, so there aren't many choices in terms of blogs.

          Ed Burmila (gin and tacos) has both a highly-regarded podcast, Mass for Shut-Ins, and he writes for Baffler


          I haven't listened to the podcast, because podcasts are not integrated into my schedule, but it's supposed to be good.

          Baffler has previously published Jim Newell as well. Ed is perhaps a successor to the Newell/Layne School of Wonkette writing, or at least a candidate. But the combination funny/informative blog-plus-dynamic-comment-section may be a buggy whip at this point.

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