153 thoughts on “Abortionplex Under Construction

        1. Rick Perry likely didn't understand what "signing up to work for an international crime syndicate" means, as he didn't understand what the Department of Energy does.

      1. My guess is just that those Goopers have no idea what's going on, somebody told them to support this, and they did.

  1. "Hold up: Americans don’t look to Chinese commies for the truth. If the Biden kid broke laws by selling his name to Beijing, that’s a matter for American courts, not communist tyrants running torture camps," Sasse said in a statement to the Omaha World-Herald.

  2. Charles P. Pierce


    I’m not linking to it but David Brooks has written the worst piece ever published in the NYT.
    5:54 PM – Oct 3, 2019

    1. I am seeing this all over Twitter – that Brooks outdid himself this time. I don't see the content anywhere and am finding that I am strangely glad.

    1. I did not know that there were aquatic coral snakes.
      Anyway, I think they are a waste of money if they're hoping for visual cues to be the deterrent, especially if crossing at night. I'm guessing that they are as shy as their land cousins and will probably swim away from a disturbance caused by people.
      Also the re-stock costs are over estimated because snakes have been known to breed.

      Will look into anaconda imports, unless this is an America First operation.

      1. I wonder if that's former wonkette commenter brown_recluse, my first intense debate mutual follower (with natl_cmdr in close second)

          1. Speaking of cults, twice now in the past few weeks, just as I am coming home, as in literally as I am parking in my driveway, two young women in prairie dresses try to hit me up with what has to be Jesus stuff and they are super creepy about it. Today was the second time. It isn't JUST that they are trying to proselytize, but it bugs me that they hover at the bottom of my driveway, wait for me to get out of the car and then start trying to smooth talk me and are almost aggressive about it, when I am obviously tired, have my arms loaded with stuff and am not interested. They're like someone who DOES read the room, sees that they are not wanted and just don't give a shit and are going to insert themselves into my time anyway. It's the Jesus version of cat-calling. And what I'd really like to do is walk down to my mailbox before I go in the house but of course I can't because they are standing in the way. I hate these creepy women with a burning hate that will outlast time.

          2. Are they just hassling you, out of the whole neighborhood, then? At least with the Jehovah's Witnesses they decently knock at your door and you can politely say "no thank you".

            If there is a next time, you should hit them with | The Truth. |

            Who knows? Maybe we'll get a few new members.

    1. Carl Donley, a family friend who teaches bagpipes in France….

      Yeah, sure. My hot 20 y.o. girlfriend in France takes lessons from him.

      1. Cool, I hear he teaches Canadian supermodel girlfriends too.

        I saw a Gacilian | bagpiper | on tour with The Chieftains (The Guys Who Will Sit In With Anybody) at Wolf Trap one time, and he was pretty great. Not full-on Highland bagpipes, though.

          1. It's sad how pathetic we humans are to have a variety of traditions of synchronized tormented bladder squeezing

          2. I'm picturing some hipster orchestra 1000 years from now playing instruments made out of actual stomachs (also antlers bones and catgut)

          3. In the year 2100, Mad King Trump XVIII decrees For His Glory and amusement his captive Scientists, using CRISPR, careful stockbreeding, forced graft growth and final laser surgery construct for him a Court Orchestra consisting of a perfect fusion of musicians and instruments.

        1. I didn't know there were any other types of bagpipes other than Scottish bagpipes. I didn't know other peoples would wish to torture themselves that much.

          1. I believe the Gacilians yank the tails of tuning pigs, which is an imprecise method, but better than tuning cats, which tend to wander away.

    1. I wish Jacob Wohl would do Kamala Harris next.

      To clarify: It's because she's awesome and I want her and Warren to both be president.

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