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      1. Coincidentally I'm reading a book rabout German and Russian political shenanigans in Iran and Iraq in the teens through the 30's and so this is not surprising. The Kurds hated the Germans because of their shameless political double dealing, the end result being that the Kurds became fierce allies of the Allies. And now we've fucked them over.

          1. Cool.
            [ not much of a book report, though….]

            Also the three previous things I looked at on Amaz. were a Cuban guitar called a Tres,
            a Mao Tse Tung mask, and a cannister of pepperspray

    1. Hey ZD, you're not actually in her District , right?
      I was going to send her a ty, but don't want to lie to her zipcode bot [it's not like I'm trying to punk the GOP ]

          1. I mean i supported her campaign, because (a) native, women voices in congress and (b) the alternative was an insane RWNJ who refused to concede when she lost, but yeah Blue Dog

          2. I mean i supported her campaign, because (a) native, women voices in congress and (b) the alternative was an insane RWNJ who refused to concede when she lost, but yeah Blue Dog

            ETA: RWNJ is the long lost 17th Myers-Briggs personality type

          3. I would be thrilled to have a Blue Dog instead of the ghost Paul Cook that I currently have. He is rumored to be quitting, though.

  1. disloyallkrinsk5
    ‏ @krinsk5

    The Nazis didn’t help us in WWII either but Trump doesn’t seem to have a problem with them

  2. Kevin McCarthy
    Verified account @GOPLeader
    The Democrats in Congress do not believe in the rule of law. They are trying to discredit the democratic process by removing a duly-elected President, without any basis for impeachment.
    5:27 PM – 10 Oct 2019

    The Hoarse Whisperer
    ‏ @HoarseWisperer

    Two of your donors were arrested today, @GOPLeader

      1. There's crap on the window

        If such things disturb you, do not attempt to learn any details of the Dotardfest in MN tonight

      1. I just realized this article is two years old. It calls him the chair and I thought that was an error, then I realized it is old.

      1. They have updated the top of the story. That bit wasn't on here when I posted this link. When I posted this the story was about a fire up north and a small fire down here in Newbury Park that was obviously easily contained. Also that's really weird. Who dumps burning trash? This isn't Florida.

        There is still absolutely zero wind right where I am, which is actually making me a little nervous.

        Re the power shutdowns, they are widespread up north and are planned to last for days. Newsom is right in that PG&E should have been pumping money into undergrounding its utilities instead of paying dividends. Down here we have Southern California Edison, and it is equally as bad. It sent out a notice saying that it plans to shut down power to 300,000 people during this expected Santa Ana wind event. What they should be doing is undergrounding their utilities, but they're not. What they have been doing for the past three months is replacing their utility poles with newer, bigger utility poles. No one is happy about this. What a stupid thing. Spend the money to underground the stuff before more people die.

        1. That is one of the reasons we like public power up here. Not perfect, few things are, but here in town we don't often have trees falling, that then take out power lines, that then cause…

    1. Kato Yhcrana
      ‏ @KYhcrana
      Replying to @prince

      Please be sure to copyright strike the campaign videos on Youtube and other video sharing platforms. It is important that the legal rights of artists and performers are protected and that laws and rules are enforced. If one campaign gets away with it others will follow suit.

      Dammitt somebody watch the thing to find when they use Prince song .Want to be able to be specific.

    1. See? I have been wondering about Splinter. It has seemed to have been dialing down lately.

      That article related to this on its sister sites is pretty good and pretty damning. I guess they didn't get the memo.

  3. Things I did not know [ or maybe just forgot ] the nth

    My new Clip-on LED lamp … generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy…….

      1. OK. checked various positions, One spot picks up what I guess are cell phone conversation, in Russian. The only other position that has noise is a series of beeps of varying length and pitch. I couldn't figure it our, so I called VLA in N.M.dropped ZD's name, and they said their guess is that it's coming from somewhere beyond the Oort cloud.

  4. Now there’s a small fire in Ventura in the Santa Clara river bed with 50-foot flames and they City of Ventura fire dept can’t call any help in because other firefighters have been called away to fight the fire up north. The fire is contained to the river bed and the only thing in danger are the neighboring golf courses but still.

    Also: fire in the river bottom indicates homeless encampment related, which highlights yet another problem.

      1. My boss likes to get a hotel room down on the west side every few months, he and his wife then go to clubs and improv by Uber and don’t have to worry about driving home. Guess which weekend he chose this time.

    1. I felt a great disturbance in the punditry, as though millions of homophobes and misogynists suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

        1. OK so I just went in there and cleaned out the pending folder, nothing there but spam so someone else must have taken care of it.

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