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  1. John Neely Bryan, the man credited with founding Dallas in 1841, lived a fascinating life. But is it possible that he was also a cephalopod?

    Hmmm. Go on…

    Born and raised in Tennessee, Bryan was indeed many things throughout his life.

    Ah, a Shapeshifter. Check.

    …he was the first person to set up permanent residence along the Trinity River.

    Easy access to water. Check.

    off to Native American territory in Oklahoma a few years later while ducking the heat after he shot a man who had insulted his wife

    Ruthless and capriciously violent. Check.

    mental struggles found him committed to — just as the statue suggests — the Texas State Lunatic Asylum, where he spent his final months before passing.

    Aha! he must have gotten a copy of the Necronomicon! Cephalopodization is a well-documented side effect of overexposure.
    He should have moved to Portland, where he would have been welcomed by all those Greater Pacific Tree Octopus. Sad!

    1. Whoa
      Also, whoa. [wiki]

      The concrete pergola upon which Abraham Zapruder was standing during the John F. Kennedy assassination as he made the Zapruder film was originally placed in Dealey Plaza in honor of Bryan, and is named for him.

    1. Trouble is, if it goes up in smoke it'll be us paying to replace it. They should've built it in his home town in Indiana instead.

    2. Not that I am even a remotely a fan of Reagan, but that library is actually a very cool place that does a lot of cool events for the community. It really has become a focal point for that area. They let community groups like the boy scouts and girl scouts etc. do events, there, it really is a rather welcoming place and there is always something local going on there. It's not the strident, right-wingy place you might expect.

      And yes, I am aware of what I am saying; and no, no one is holding a gun to my head.

      1. Oh I believe you and I am glad that the facility is a good community asset. Also, I can't stand to see libraries or museums burn, no matter what's in them.
        It's the staff that makes the library, of course, and it may be that the real hard-core Believers have moved on to other, worse strongmen, like Bush the Younger or Fat Bastard.

        The Reagan era was bad and wrong and immensely frustrating and having a crank in the White House going off on "this generation may be the ones to see Armageddon" while saber-rattling against the USSR when we're all one fuckup and a 30 minute ballistic arc from world ending incineration really put the zap on a lot of people's heads.

        I own an "I survived the Reagan Administration" button and there's nothing ironic about it.

        1. What a cool button. I used to build up a modest collection of vintage campaign and political buttons when I lived in DC but I've given most of them away over the years. That one sounds fun.

        1. Ah yes, this is hysterical and surreal.

          This latest episode of Vox Borders looks at how these hippos affect Colombia’s biodiversity, and how people became fond of their presence.

          The folks who avoid death by Hippo are thinking they're pretty cool.

  2. Julian Popov
    ‏ @julianpopov

    The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

      1. I’m no anatomist, but don’t rows of breasts normally consist of a maximum of two? On people yes, but here it’s more like a continuous string of mammary bunting.

  3. WAPO

    Oct 26, 2016 – Jason Chaffetz of Utah, sees a Clinton White House as a 'target-rich … House Republicans are already preparing for 'years' of investigations of Clinton … “Even before we get to Day One, we've got two years' worth of material …

      1. An asshole sandwich here…………

        Chair of the House Oversight Committee

        January 3, 2015 – June 13, 2017
        Preceded byDarrell Issa
        Succeeded byTrey Gowdy

          1. He may have big medical bills he’s paying off, he’s got three kids, of course someone else would hire him in a split second for more pay

      1. Dunno. Probably. I just got two alerts pop up on my phone saying evacs west of the fire are lifted. I'm not in the evac zone but I still get all the alerts for Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

      1. Lol, but we got these winds in Dec. 2017 when the Thomas Fire blasted through. I think there's been lots of times when it's winter and there are Santa Anas, or at least strong winds off the desert, and they are frickin' cold.

          1. I should also add that right here, right now it is not windy. So maybe that is why we can have a freeze warning.

          2. The skies are clear. There still is no wind where I'm at, I think the winds are southeast of here, closer to LA and the desert. It is chilly here, but by that I mean it is in the mid-40's. Also, I just checked Weather Underground and it says "Red Flag Warning" for my ZIP code but no freeze watch. Yet on my phone, NOAA still shows a freeze warning for my town, so I am as puzzled as you are.

            And on top of that, |now there is a second fire in Ventura County, zero percent containment.| It is not near any Republican presidential libraries, only near where the ordinary folks live, so no one is going to care.

          3. Back in 1967, I lived in Ventura County for a while. Port Hueneme, until I wrecked a car that belonged to my father's girlfriend, then they changed my address to the Juvenile Hall in Ventura. More cred.

          4. OMG about 20 years ago that juvie had a big scandal. Now it's a much better place. I went on a tour of it last year. Of course no juvie is ever heaven but this place clearly was a place where they tried to help these kids.

            I just looked at Weather Underground, it's 44 here right now, it's 39 down near the river, which is probably why there is a freeze warning, and it PH it is 51. That seems odd because the beach is always colder than it is up here in the mountains.

          5. I doubt the old joint is still in use. It was in downtown Ventucky, had some cutesy name like Sunnyside or something. It was bad, as bad as you think prison is bad.

          6. Oh that is terrible I’m so sorry. Yep there’s nothing like that in Ventura anymore.

            At least you turned out ok and a valued and useful member of society. Fuck those bastards.

          7. I don't know if "OK" is correct, maybe just beaten into compliance. I did a bad thing and went to the bad place for it, no doubt. But make no mistake, once you're in the system, you stay in the system. From the first time I ran away from home at 12 or 13 until I was 42, I was under some form of "supervision"

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmuC5H4mESw

      Un viento frío sopla en mi corazón,
      se llama santa ana

      Una vez que mi amor por ti fue demasiado
      caliente para soportar.

      Pero ahora se congela.

      Podría tener que ponerme unos pantalones.


      ¿Donde estan mis pantalones?

      Ahora que los necesito.

      Debe haber quemado y nunca lo supe.

      Ahora tiemblo de frío todo el tiempo.

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