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  1. Field report: My chihuahua found the towel that I mopped up some blue dye with and is now blue. I should also note, just in case this is not clear from the fact that he is a chihuahua, that he is an idiot.

      1. Ha!

        I am going to have to give him a bath when I get home. I am not looking forward to this. It won't all come out, he will be a bluehuahua for a while.

        1. I got home from work just now to find that a fancy piece of artwork I have, a ceramic goblet that will be a museum piece someday, was broken in three pieces. I suspect my cat.
          Does anyone want a cat?

          1. He already said as much months ago, it was all or nothing. Now he just wants to cheer on whoever the eventual candidate is.

          1. The internet [ or me ] has failed us. I cannot find a 'Snoopy-shaped' batsignal. There's a paw print, but not the Snoopy shape.

    1. Shit
      A Southern California utility said that minutes after it had restored electricity to a power line that had been shutoff to prevent a wildfire, another blaze erupted nearby, turning into the Maria Fire.

      1. The reason there are such good pics of this fire is because the mountain that it is burning on has a big cluster of huge communication towers that clearly all have cameras on them.

          1. So were there really people shooting or was ZD making a joke? I have very limited online connections right now.

          2. My 'gah' was just for the earworm, I thought it was a clever reference otherwise, since
            we have been known to use titles and lyrics in inappropriate ways.

          3. Related, and no excuse to shoot linemen, but when I posted the snake link last night I was also trying to post a link to a PG&E press conference somewhere east of San Francisco where a reporter asked the PG&E officials if didn't they think it was unreasonable for PG&E to cut off power for three days or more and hurt people who are already financially and medically stretched thin and can't afford to restock their fridges, etc. The PG&E guy said that those people can go to food banks and that they should be thanking PG&E for doing them the great favor of allowing them to still have houses to have fridges in because since PG&E turned off the power their houses didn't burn down.

            It was astonishing. I wish I could find the clip again but Twitter refreshes so fast lately.

            ETA: FOUND IT!

          4. A friend who lives in San Fran, when I posted the shooting article, shared the following anecdote

            my neighbor dressed as a PG&E worker for Halloween, I told her to be careful out there…
            She said she went to a Halloween party and kept switching off the lights šŸ¤£

          5. You know, I've committed to spending more than 50% of my annual income this year on a solar array for my house. This is not an insignificant investment. If I can do it, they can do it. Fuckers.

          6. Wow. Amazing. Who on earth would do this?

            Also maybe PG&E should send its board members up those poles instead.

    1. Ben Buehler@sourcerolls
      Replying to @maggieNYTand @nytimes

      My Teeth Are Too Big For My Mouth and I Sit Like I’m Pooping: a Donald Jr Storybook

  2. Life-hack:
    No breadcrumbs because you finally threw them out months ago because you used them once and never since?
    [ actually, D&J left porkchops for me and I didn't feel like grilling, so wanted to bake them. No breadcrumbs in the house. ]

    A perfectly nice thin breading can be made with cornmeal and ground-up triscuits.

      1. heat is not released from the interior at a steady rate but instead comes in "burps". "We may just be seeing Uranus in a quiescent period, whereas Neptune has burped more recently,"

        The Burps of Uranus

  3. Rick Perry was tasked with presenting the winner's trophy at the US Grand Prix in Austin today. He tried handing it to the second place driver. He had to be herded to the right guy.
    He's our boy.

  4. Are the wonkville commenters striking in solidarity with Chicago teachers or something?

    (my excuse is that i'm engaged in a Deep State operation all week)

      1. I've noticed that retired folks don't seem to care for the time change, while non-retired folks have no choice but to accept it.

        1. We have no choice, either.

          Since I got my DVR, I am no longer a slave to the TV schedule other than for news, which is all I watch live. Not having to get up via alarm makes it easier, too. Us olds gotta have something to bitch about, though.

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