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    1. will ferrell hog
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      “Folks I’ve absolutely destroyed the two best sites on the internet. My work here is done”

      1. BREAKING: @shelly_simonds just flipped Virginia's HD-94! Shelly's race for this seat in 2017 resulted in a tie, and was decided in favor of the Republican after his name was randomly drawn from a bowl.

      2. marv @mrvndn

        Remember Juli Briskman, the Virginia woman who was fired for flipping off Trump? She just won an election to her local county Board of Supervisors.

      3. My ancestral homeland of Beaverlick KY in Boone county has gone for Bevin by 15%. I'm descended from morans.
        Edit: Suck it, ancestors, Beshear won!

          1. Too bad the AG position that Beshear used to have went to the Republican candidate, but Governor>AG. Take the W.

      1. WooooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!

        Lots of thunder and a brief rain shower with pea-sized hail here this morning.
        An omen obviously.

  1. Democrats have won the city council majority in Columbus, Indiana, hometown of VP Pence and Congressman Pence, for the first time since 1981.

    1. O.M.G.

      We should send all Republicans everywhere some nose plugs because they are all going to DROWN IN THE BLUE WAVE

  2. Ranked choice voting has passed in New York. I don't know what that means but Progressives were for it so I guess it is a great win, too!

  3. Haha, Cally:
    Allyson Ford Retweeted
    Vote Save America
    "Dems can't win in Kentucky?"


  4. Wow, THIS is big:
    Tom Bonier
    Total turnout in Kentucky in today's gubernatorial election is on track to exceed 2015 turnout by close to 50%, with almost half a million more votes cast. Great job, Kentucky!

  5. Charlotte Clymer🏳️‍🌈
    For the first time in decades, the Virginia House of Delegates will be controlled by Democrats, it will be led by the first woman Speaker in its history, and it most assuredly become the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

    Elections matter. Voting matters.

  6. Acyn Torabi
    Fayette County, which is where Trump held his rally last night, voted for Andy Beshear over Matt Bevin in a 2 to 1 landslide

  7. Kate "Ratify the ERA" Kelly

    God bless the good people of Virginia tonight.



  8. Matt McDermott
    Democrats appear to have swept races in Delaware County, PA — where the GOP has controlled govt. since the CIVIL WAR.

      1. I should add that while I do not like Mayor Pete as a presidential candidate I respect any Wonkvillians' right to not not like him.

          1. Interesting. I am supporting Harris but I think Warren would make a fine president and I will happily support her if need be. By this guy's logic I am therefore really screwed up. I don't see much Venn diagram cross-over between Harris supporters and Buttigieg supporters. For one thing, Mayor Pete's supporters can't dance. Second, nothing in this Drew article describes Harris, she's not like Buttigieg at all, and also, very telling, not exactly very many POC support Buttigieg. This guy is a wind bag.

            That said, this sort of assumption, people writing Harris off without really giving her a close look, is one of the things that could keep her from gaining the momentum she will need.

          2. I hear you, I don't know why he included Harris in that, it was more for the dragging Pete.

            I'm kind of the converse, I support the Warren/Sanders overlap, but would be fine with Harris. TBH, none of the three of them is covered seriously or fairly (nor is Castro) because they're not Pete or Biden, or the thing that those two have in common.

          3. Very true. Pete and Biden make one comment and the news outlets milk it adoringly for ages. Harris and Castro have to work ten times as hard for even a sliver of comparable attention, when really they are both more in tune with this moment and have more robust opinions than Pete and Biden. Warren and Bernie are in tune with this moment, too, but Pete and Biden? Nope.

            Two things about Warren that make me fall on the side of Harris is that first of all, Warren is 70 and that makes me slightly uncomfortable. She'd be excellent, of course, but still: 70. The other thing is that in a debate Harris would drag Trump like a chain on a trailer hitch. My concern with her is that the public doesn't seem to be giving her a look, which is partly her fault (Kamala, ya gotta bring it! and I think she's starting to do better on this front) but also, will people ever give her a serious look since she's a female POC? The rest of the country isn't California. I wish people would, but there is so much dismissive stuff out there online, it's discouraging. I love how she never gives up, though. And her speech in Iowa this weekend showed that she has what it takes to inspire people.

  9. I never went to Deadspin, and the posthumous articles I've read the last few days confirms my decision not to. Big difference between being snarky and just nasty.

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