125 thoughts on “Why I keep a glass of water in my kitchen cupboard

  1. There's a thing going around about the Homicidal Traitor attending the upcoming LSU – Alabama football game.
    Don't know what the students think about this directive, but some blogs are having a bit of a problem with it.

    Student Affairs/ Student Govt. dude issues warning about 'disruptive behavior' at the event.

    Clarification or walkback? No altercations. Please and thank you.

      1. The rich are always trying to burnish their legacy by donating to pet causes rather than pay taxes that benefit everyone. They are also adept at getting poor people to not only worship them, but also to cough up money to them. I know very few truly wealthy people, but two of them I do (or did) know made sure everyone loved them for the college and museum they funded rather than the fortunes they earned stole.

  2. fis·sip·a·rous
    adjective: fissiparous

    inclined to cause or undergo division into separate parts or groups.
    "she was unsuccessful in holding a fissiparous membership together"
    (of an organism) reproducing by fission.
    "small fissiparous worms"

    From the book review in Foreign Affairs


  3. Wait. What?

    John Kasich

    · 1h

    It’s great to be back in New Hampshire to talk about my new book, “It’s Up to Us,” which is all about the ways each of us can bring about positive change in our community and our world……………
    …..I've had a number of supporters, special people here in the Granite State, who have been asking what I’m going to do this presidential election cycle. Here’s what I told them: At this point I continue to believe that, for me, there’s no clear path to prevail that I can see.

      1. 'tis a pain in the ass.
        Trying to get to standard D, but low thick D keeps going flat- into ruh roh territory. This seems odd to me.

        Just go down another 1/2 or 1 more and not sweat it?

        1. Pull on it to stretch it out and release slack, look for movement in the bridge pin. Also maybe push the bridge pin further in. Is that the only string doing that? If it doesn't stabilize, yeah maybe tuning down to release tension. I've found that it can require a couple passes through tuning all the strings to get stuff to sit still

          1. OK . Thanks.
            "….a couple passes through…" that's for fucking sure.
            Also , this was shipped from Ole' Miss, so even if it's Tucson humid, [28 ] may still be drying out some .

          1. I have the two partscaster 12 string electrics, which are mostly well-behaved, and the Guild acoustic 12 that my dad gifted me after he gave up on it. I can pull it out of the case after 8 months and it's still in tune.

          1. Tried that, this time I tried 'copy image location , then searched for that, open in new tab and that worked, but am now horrified/hysterical.

    1. They always look so sad in their pens when the rescue groups bring them to PetSmart on the weekends. It's nice to see them frolicking in the leaves and enjoying themselves.

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