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    1. I have to clean off my back porch today so that the clean-up people can move all my furniture onto it next week while they rip out my kitchen tile and living room carpet. I am thankful that it is clear and dry for the very long forseeable future because I am thinking I will just set stuff out in the backyard since it's not like it will get rained on.

    1. 'wacky', 'crazy' and 'a narcissist' (2:17), describes the Republican Party as a 'party of lunatics' and the 'crazy party' (5:22).

      'He's going to be the president of the Crazy Party,' says another user in a video posted on the site.

      'He is the madman that's gonna start World War III… He's a maniac. We can't have somebody that's crazy. And you know, we don't need somebody that's crazy. We need somebody who's got a point to make.'

      In another, an individual refers to him as a 'mental patient' who 'stinks'

      An individual describes Trump as a 'lunatic' and 'crazy' in a recent video posted on the site

      Another user refers to Trump as a 'mental patient' and says his election would 'start World War III'

    1. LSU beats Alabama 46-41

      ‏ @skooks
      20m20 minutes ago

      And that is how it came to be that Donald Trump was never allowed to return to Alabama

          1. I understand it from the City's perspective in that she is probably selling without a business licence and she should get a license like everyone else, BUT they handled this HORRIBLY and they are TERRIBLE.

          1. You can use Twitter while being invisible, you just create an account and then in settings, choose to keep your tweets private.

          2. Keep your tweets private? I understand why one might, but why go on twitter then?
            Probably I don't understand that means.

          3. It is for if you want to be on Twitter but only visible to people you choose to allow to see your tweets. You can also be on Twitter and just not tweet at all.

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