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  1. Well this article is a bummer. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/11/15/kamala-h

    I had decided that this presidential cycle I would support a candidate early, be more involved, stick my neck out, and I really admire Harris. I think she can bring down Trump like a cheetah taking down an antelope. But if this stuff about her staff is true then this is a reflection of her leadership and it is disappointing. I hope it is not true, I'm not really all that thrilled about any other candidates except I can get behind Warren. She knows how to run a campaign.

    1. It's politico, so difficult to know whether it's accurate or a smear piece, a la Maggie Haberman . They often publish what they wish to be true, as though it were already true, as a way of making it come true.

      They could have written this same article about the dotard's campaign, and it would be accurate.

      1. True. Partly I am trying to manage my own expectations. She has gotten some big Union endorsements lately, including today when she got the United Farm Workers. I do think it is foolhardy of her to let her sister have such a strong part in her campaign. If she really wants to win she needs to hire the best campaign experts and give them free reign to build a cohesive team and cut the cord on sentiment.

          1. Yep. I didn't want to come out here and say that but yes, that is exactly the sort of thing that she needs to find some sort of counterweight to.

    1. So it seems the author is a Breitbart alum. Maybe get on Amazon as some Bible extremist, and declare
      that ,in fact, only The Bible is truth, and to declare that that account is truth is heresy.

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          1. GOPs are going to cry foul because all the small counties have already reported and the cities are going blue. Orleans and Baton Rouge are only 30% counted so far

          1. I'd like it to be something inadvertently dystopian, like a subject that's mundane all by itself but when compiled turns bleak. I'm open to suggestions, but that's the feel i'm targeting.

    1. SecretMissionHat
      Replying to
      Everyone knows a real straight pride parade is between one man and one man.
      Stephen "Maclunkey" Woods

      1. Yes, the first recorded instance of this happened in Sydney Australia several years ago and the mutation rate is expected to increase exponentially as we approach the Cephalopocalypse.

        Afterwards, of course, you will need all of your 8 arms to tune stringed instruments and you'll have to catch them first.

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