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        1. Remember when Steve McQueen's haircut was just Steve McQueen's unique haircut and then somewhere 20 years ago about half the men in the world started getting their haircut that way and now it's normative?

    1. Weather approaching

      Tropical Storm Raymond in the Northeast Pacific will push slowly toward Baja California this weekend. Raymond may inject moisture next week into a strong upper low that will bring much-needed rain and mountain snow from southeast California into the southern Rockies.

          1. Hey Biff, I remember a little museum in Lone Pine or Independence and it has lots of wierd stuff in it like doilies made from human hair. Is that place still there?

      1. A moisture injection seems like just the ticket now.

        In that vid clip, there,s a whole lot of Barnegat Light beach that's totally in the high energy wave zone.
        I've fished those jettys on both sides of the inlet when I lived the Beach Life, but won't go anywhere near in those conditions. Not even the surfers will.

          1. Nor'easters like that happened once, maybe twice a year back in the Holocene, but they can raise merry hell when they do hit . Islanders fear Nor'easters much more than hurricanes because they hit them more. Historically, Atlantic basin hurricanes ran parallel up the coast (Gloria, Bob) to menace Long Island and Cape Cod, only hitting the NJ barrier islands with outrider rain bands and some storm surge.

            The storm record was set by the | March 1962 storm | which submerged a lot of the island, cut it in half and stranded a US Navy destroyer on the beach.

            The 2012 | hybrid storm system "Sandy" | blew right through | all the records | and savaged the shoreline from A.C. northwards. | Photos here. |

            There's been rebuilding over the years, but a lot of what was lost was irretriveably lost. A big part of the loss is the secure feeling that the island beaches generations of us grew up with and love would be with us forever.

          2. That's awful to see your childhood and all that you consider stable slip away from under your feet.

            Also hard to believe that Sandy was seven years ago.

      2. And just when I have to empty out my kitchen, dining room and living room for the flooding repairs and was planning to just set things out in the backyard. sigh.

        But the rain will be nice.

  1. No, that's a mythological beast with the head of a human, body of a lion and the tail of a scorpion..

    You're thinking of Manicotti

      1. No, that's Marseille. You're thinking of a type of roof which has four sloping sides, each of which becomes steeper halfway down.

  2. That's how I'm beginning to see my tools. I had two homes plus an RV for a lot of years, and had to have duplicates of everything and triplicates of some. Now they're all here and the job of culling them out is daunting.

        1. I we just went out for a staff lunch and someone was asking me about my house damage, I had only told that one person, so I had to explain to the rest of the table what happened, and everyone started telling stories about how jokingly they've educated their children that if there is a fire in the house while they are gone to get out of the house but let it burn, etc., haha, get a remodel.

          One thing one person did mention that I liked and that I never thought of is that if I leave for a trip to turn off all the water, actually probably turn it off at the street, but still, turn it off.

          1. When I was splitting my time between two residences, I came home to the CA one and discovered my toilet tank had cracked and leaked water everywhere. Turning off the water would've helped there. Also, in the NV house, I dealt with broken pipes underground like constantly. I did get in the habit of turning off my well pump when I left. Now I can't afford to go anywhere, so the problem has taken care of itself.

        1. He was not a large person IRL, nothing like his screen persona.

          I hate everything about him and his memory, except for one thing. As governor of CA, he pretty much shut down a trans-Sierra highway that would have destroyed the soul of the town I lived in at the time. A local packer took him out on horseback to see the backcountry that would have been disturbed by the route, and his opposition to it made the USDOT reconsider.

  3. Jennifer Taub
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    ❗️The Supreme Court is temporarily putting on hold the release of Trump's tax returns (which the DC Circuit had allowed to be released by this Wednesday). Next step is that SCOTUS will decide whether to hear the case.

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