92 thoughts on “On Meth? Just Say Yes!

          1. What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.

  1. Tobi of Neptune
    ‏ @jokotoyetobi

    If you know what men go through just to make money, you'll respect and value the little they gave to you, It is not easy Charlie..#InternationalMensDay
    5:29 AM – 19 Nov 2019

    1. One of the jokes in Moby Dick [ which is the kind of thing that started me thinking that the novel is a comedy ]

      is that Capt. Peleg refers to Queequeg:

      '“tell Quohog there—what’s that you call him?”

      Now off to an evening of debauchery …………

        1. It turned into a round -robin series of drunken tirades directed at the brain-damaged
          traitor and the the GOP in general.

          Weird, huh?

  2. Jonathan Alter
    ‏Verified account @jonathanalter

    Nunes says the Democrats would have impeached George Washington if they had the chance. Great argument, Devin. Very persuasive. All over America, young people are saying they want to grow up to be just like Congressman Nunes.
    6:33 AM – 20 Nov 2019

    1. So someone made a #GeorgeWashington, but didn't have a spam filter, so there's a bunch of GW snark and true facts and such as, then you'll get to one………………….

      Masha Lyasha
      ‏ @MLyasha
      28m28 minutes ago

      looking for a guy who can bring to a wild orgasm

      1. Meredith
        In his defense, Devin Nunes comparing Trump to George Washington makes sense. Both owned large amounts of land, both enjoyed their wealth, both were good at shifting blame…and of course, both wore wigs and had wooden teeth. #georgewashington #ImpeachmentHearings

  3. Well the clean up crew came today and packed up my living room, dinding room and kitchen. I am living in the back of the house amidst boxes and it feels really weird.It will be so nice when it is all done, though.

          1. When I first moved to Washington I rented a room from this woman, she was a little odd. She rented out the room I had and she rented out the basement and she herself stayed in one tiny bedroom just wider than a twin bed. She was gone a lot so one day the other renter and I took a peek in her room, it was stacked with boxes and clutter and the unmade bed, I feel like I am her right now. The only difference is that at the head of her bed was a nightstand stacked with bourbon bottles and high-ball glasses. I'm not quite to that stage yet.

  4. Dr. Jack Brown
    Today Rep. Adam Schiff released the Kraken.

    #AdamSchiff #ReleaseTheKraken #ImpeachmentHearing #ImpeachmentInquiry

        1. I've gone to playing online cardgame. Apparently Kamala and Liz are kicking asses, probably can catch their highlights.
          But sooooooooo many assholes.

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