86 thoughts on “Rock It To Russia

    1. I'll go with it.

      I'm texting bare assed
      Heading for a spin
      Some FOX Special draws me in
      Makes me come on like some lunatic

      Ukrane songs in the Crimea
      The server hid by Crowdstrike down a mine
      Zelenskyy please, say the investigation's open
      Rudy Guliani's been flyin' in and gone
      Burisma holds a chair for Hunter Biden
      The black ops of the Alpha SBU
      Ukraine taps down in Mar-A-Lago
      I'm flyin' in on Air Force One tonight

  1. Never have I been watching a person making a call, which was not on speakerphone, and been able to hear or understand a conversation. I’ve even tried, but to no avail.

    —D.J. Assholetraitor

    I think I know why that is.

      1. I noticed her in the anchorage yesterday on the way to work (one of the one of the benefits of the Bridge is the fine view), anchored out all alone (no doubt for security reasons).

        My first thought was"hey, that's a carrier what's it doing here", then "Um, that's awful small for an aircraft carrier" then"where's the rest of the battle group". So I looked her up on | LiveShips | as one does when seeing some unusual vessel. Under "vessel details" there's a linked article that lists her as "Britain’s Biggest-Ever Warship "

        Now I'm sad, thinking that the Dreadnought and the Hood were really tiny.

          1. I first saw them on the UK's Harrier platforms, then the Roosky carrier deployed and I wondered just what kind of vectored-thrust aircraft those guys had… Turns out that ski jumps work for standard fixed wing jets too.

          2. Ah yes, the "missile with a man in it". I read somewhere that NATO Luftwaffe pilots hated it because the early models' ejection seat punched out of the bottom of the airframe, due to the tall T-tail.

  2. Kevin M. Kruse
    ‏Verified account @KevinMKruse

    "Mr. Holmes, I'm now going to read a series of chyrons from Sean Hannity's show and ask you if you know what they mean."

  3. Way off topic. So I go looking for a large movie poster of Orson Welles in The Third Man Movie Store site search:

    Search Results for "the third man"
    Did you mean to browse one of the following categories instead?

    Photo & Poster Prints > Sci-Fi
    star > Honor Blackman
    star > Gary Coleman
    star > Ronald Colman
    star > Samantha Eggar
    star > John Goodman
    star > Larry Hagman
    star > Dustin Hoffman
    star > Earl Holliman
    star > Hugh Jackman
    star > Nicole Kidman
    star > Jack Klugman
    star > Jayne Mansfield
    star > Gary Oldman
    star > Natalie Portman
    star > Mandy Moore
    star > Barry Newman
    star > Nanette Newman
    star > Paul Newman
    [ and it goes on and on…….then]

    1. Did you mean to browse one of the following titles instead?
      Rain Man 1988, Dead Man 1995, Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977, The Lawnmower Man 1992, The Elephant Man 1980, The Wicker Man 1973, Man of La Mancha 1972, Le Mans 1971, The MacKintosh Man 1973, Rich Man, Poor Man 1976, Demolition Man 1993, The Quiet Man 1952, The Third Man 1949, Man on the Moon 1999, Company Man 2000, Spider-Man 2002, Holy Man 1998, Man in a Suitcase 1967, Danger Man 1964, The Thin Man 1934, Black Adder the Third 1987, The Leopard Man 1943, Shrek the Third 2007, Gemini Man 1976, Another Thin Man 1939, The Punch and Judy Man 1963, Chico and the Man 1974, Man of the World 1962, The Invisible Man 1975, Marathon Man 1976, The Best Man 1964, The Double Man 1967, Tarzan, the Ape Man 1981, If a Man Answers 1962, Rich Man, Poor Man – Book II 1976, The Illustrated Man 1969

      [ WTF kinda movie site is this ……..eventually found it under Orson Welles, but geez……]

          1. One night Howard and a friend – he didn't say who – went for a quiet drink in a tiny beer-and-sausage cafe in Sievering, a suburb of Vienna. Anton Karas was strumming the zither, but nobody took any notice of him. The music could scarcely be heard above the chatter of the customers, but, as the night wore on and people started leaving, the zither-playing caught Howard's attention. He loved jazz and the folk music of many countries and was quite taken with the exciting sounds that Karas was creating.

            more at

          1. The other reason is because Temporary Blue Housing has mirrored sliding closet doors and
            they are annoying .

          2. Oof. I just did an image search, didn't think to add in a linky. Those things, in various forms, have been around for years.
            FYI, there's a Pennywise one around too.

    1. Eric Idle
      ‏Verified account @EricIdle

      It’s so easy to hate Nunez and Jordan. But I don’t.
      Actually no, that’s wrong I’m sorry, I do. I hate both of the fuckers.

    1. Someone at our district office 220 miles away once blasted out that she was going to clean out the break room fridge and everyone should claim their stuff or it would get tossed. I blasted back to "please don't dispose of my cheesecake!" and I got a fucking written reprimand. That was some bullshit.

          1. That incident had nothing to do with my exit. I wore it like a badge of honor.
            The court case was because they were throwing me out on my ear after filing a comp case against them for a job injury. I lawyered up in order to stop that from happening until I had secured assurances that I would be covered for the injury. They said I could either come back to work and forget that silliness, or fight. I prevailed, for what it's worth.

          2. It still cost me dearly, though. Ten years of continued employment at (likely) increased responsibilities and compensation, and the attendant loss of increased pension and Social Security benefits, which is a permanent loss. But god damn it, I got 'em.

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