45 thoughts on “Rock It To Madrid

    1. Say what you will, but that's one diverse trump fan club.
      Also, I want to know who the whistleblower is who keeps ratting out my romaine lettuce. God DAMN it, the only alternative here is iceberg.

          1. It's supposed to rain here in Wednesday and again on Thursday, and I was planning to drive to Pasadena on Thanksgiving. If it is pouring I will probably not get on the road, but I hope it's not bad.

          2. Ours is supposed to be snow, god damn it. That's why I can't grow lettuce.

            My Thanksgiving will be right across the road, with friends I've known for around 40 years.

      1. Sometimes Joy Reid runs through what the other shows are doing, and they showed a clip of KAC on some show, probably CNN because they are bound to both-sides this thing to death.

          1. Though during the testimony last week, I tuned in to fox during the breaks to hear what they had to say. Seeing Ken Starr flip and proclaim trump guilty of the crime of bribery was jaw-dropping.

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