87 thoughts on “Assembling the Architecture of Evil

  1. "They are heavily sedated, I don't think they even know they're here…"


    Furbys all open their eyes in unison and immediately begin agonized cacophonous yelling and screaming

    I've never seen a machine torture organ before. I wonder if it's capable of summoning tentacled nightmares from beyond spacetime like the human powered ones the Old One Cultists are building?

  2. [ I was close to linking : Catherine Russell and Larry Campbell playing the Grateful Dead song New Speedway Boogie,
    but there isn't any point to that now……………..
    or anything else, for that matter ………]

  3. Field report: On my toilet supply line that broke and flooded my house: Today I removed the supply line and the connector – all by myself! The insurance company has asked me to send it to them, they then file their own claim with the manufacturer to try to recoup their costs and if so they also cover my deductible.

    I am proud of myself that I was able to drain the toilet and get the hose and connector off by myself with no help. I actually like trying to figure out house stuff like this on my own but also I generally want this stuff done right so I get someone who knows what they're doing to do the work, that way things work properly and don't destroy my house.

    In this case, it was just to remove a pipe on a toilet that will get thrown out anyway and it wasn't hard once I figured it out.

    It's curious how when I asked the guys at work if one of them could come to my house after work, on their own time, and remove a pipe from my toilet and not use any tools, they all mysteriously had plans with their families after work and couldn't come…

    1. Good job! Plumbing can be very unforgiving but it's a good skill for homeowners to pick up.

      Now you can lord it over those guys at work that you faced and defeated Plumbing Fear while they ran away.

      1. Yes, it's good to not be afraid of things and it is good to not throw money at problems just because one is to lazy to do it myself. Also: Suck it, male co-workers, you had your chance to remove the supply line from my toilet and you turned it down. YOUR LOSS.

        1. Any chance that they didn't want to say, "Hon, you know that woman at work you said looks like
          Emma Peel? After work, Imma go help her with something at her house. "

          1. Of all the thousands of women I've been involved with, I think only one would have
            given me shit over such a situation.
            Though, to be fair, maybe the rest didn't give a shit.

          2. I don't think the wives of these guys give a shit. They know me. It would be pretty funny if they gave their guys a hard time over me.

    1. I would not doubt that one of more of our domestic intelligence agencies have gamed out this very scenario and, in that eventuality, placed a deep cover operative close enough for a KCl megadose dermal hypospray slam. Swift. Sure. Plausible deniability.

      Hey, the guy was closing in on 75, a speed freak and in terrible shape. Tickers last just so long, amirite?

    1. Yikes. Whatever awfulness is inside him just can't help from bubbling to the surface.

      Melania is just as bad, she stands there looking so wooden and sullen and just swinging her torso left and right. She looks like she is just trying to display her clothes. Michelle, even Laura Bush would have been smiling, petting the dog, laughing with the handler, etc.

      Meanwhile, Mike Pence is petting the dog like a normal person.

    1. Don't you love how pics of chain gangs or movies showing chain gangs always have most or not all of the chain gang members as white when in reality they were probably mostly if not all black?

  4. It suddenly is incredibly windy and incredibly cold here. And I do mean suddenly. Just like: WHOOSH it just swooped in. The sky is completely clear.

    This is almost like actual real weather like other parts of the country have.

    Feels ominous as in there is about to be a plot twist…

    1. It was so sudden here that I noted the time, 11:52AM. The sky is not clear however, being darkened with airborne particulate matter and sycamore leaves.

      1. Funny you mention that because went out about a half-hour ago to run an errand, it was still light out, and the wind was still blowing, and as I was driving I was noticing it was hazy along street level, i.e., lots of particulate matter and leaves blowing along. I was expecting tumbleweeds – there was no one on the streets and so it had that vibe of an old Western.

        1. 90MPH gusts by Mammoth airport. I was supposed to go up there today, but the guy I was going to help paid attention to the CHP closing the highway to high profile vehicles. He was going to drive his motor home down here and I was going to give him a ride back home. Scratched, maybe tomorrow. Gonna be a long winter.

          1. I just got home from work and it was/is SO cold outside! So I come inside and look at Weather Underground and lol, it's 42!

            It's OK, you can laugh at me about that, but it sure does feel like I am suddenly in the arctic.

          2. That's cold enough. It's 36 here, heading for 20. I hate this shit, but at least I don't have to work in it anymore.

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