90 thoughts on “Colorado’s Chundering Children Crisis Crests

  1. “It was pretty out of control,” Mr. Kuhr said. “If all the stars align, norovirus could really wreak havoc on a community. It just feels like that right now.”

    “When the stars were right, They could plunge puke from world to world through the sky; but when the stars were wrong, They could not live.”

    ― H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Spewthulhu

          1. The cover that sticks with me most is by Dave Van Ronk. Candy's cover is probably the worst ever, but it was live and I like live music.

          2. It was live that's for sure. Stoned band I think.
            I guess I kinda remember his name, but wouldn't have been able to place him.

        1. Adam Parkhomenko
          Nov 25
          Replying to
          Look, I’m just gonna say it. There were not roving gangs of killer feral hogs when Obama was president.

  2. ummmmmmmmmmmm

    "I'm curious why wasn't it done a long time ago? And also, I guess the answer to that is because now I'm president, we get things done."

    President Trump signs the Woman's Suffrage Centennial Coin Act.

          1. WHOA!
            Please invite me.
            I have a red shirt, Levis, and a bunch of can lids I was using to make tambourines I can make badges with.
            None in Tucson says the web, and fuck it if I have to go to Phx.

          2. I can sponsor you, but I'll still be kinda crippled up by the time of Lost Dutchman's next doin's in April.
            The subject of the plaque is [Hi Jolly.] I don't know the location, though. I don't know what the politics are of me sponsoring a Poor Blind Candidate in a chapter other than my own, but if you're serious, Let's work on it.

      1. Sis is headed up to Denver [ her offspring ] . Mostly cold but only flurries in the forecast.
        50's and wet coming here.

  3. Field Report- SCORE!!

    Neighbor here off to the Senior Home, her kids [ my age ] gathering house stuff, but hanging in the back porch a
    3.5 foot paper mache trout . Possibly once intended as a pinata.
    "Doesn't anyone want the giant fish?"
    "No, not really, do you want it?"
    "Hell yeah."
    "It's yours"

    1. HELL YEAH

      You need to throw a NY Eve party and do a Trout Drop, like that infamous giant illuminated Bunker Drop in Point:

      Point Pleasant, New Jersey: “The Millennium Mossbunker,” a mossbunker fish, was dropped for the year 2000.

      The town stopped this after a few years because it got too weird.

      Or you can craft a Trout Mask Replica!

        1. Heh, if you want fun, as in "it's fun that I'm not stuck in that nightmare now, check out | this Bay Bridge Cam. |

          | Just to add to this year's Misery Index, | there's a 2 year long decking reconstruction project that's created legendary issues since mid-August. I've never seen it this bad.

          I was sitting in dead-stop gridlock traffic just out of the toll plaza yesterday afternoon. I had the windows down (it was nice out and there were no diesels in the immediate vicinity) and a nice older gentleman in a car from VA leaned over to ask:
          "Hey buddy, what's the problem up there?"
          I said, "It's Thanksgiving!" and laughed.

          1. Wow, that's INSANE. I mean, it's a big, long bridge. It's not like people can take an offramp and use surface streets for an alternate route. They should stop the construction over Thanksgiving.

            That article – it made me answer a whole bunch of really stupid questions before it would let me read the article.

          2. Daym, sorry. I installed the uBlock app so I don't even see those.

            Oh, they're pushing right through to get the thing done, both to take advantage of the relatively fine weather and because of heavy pressure from the locals, the Governor and the poor sods that have to commute over the thing. The first Friday of the westbound lane construction closure (in August) it took me 3 1/2 house to get home and after I did the traffic on 50/301 was backed up -no lie – to the DC beltway. Bear in mind this is only a *one lane closure* and not being able to add in a counterflow lane eastbound has caused this nightmare.
            Whoever did the traffic study needs to be fired, but it's a sign of how much more traffic the spans get now.
            I'd jump right on a train or high speed ferry in a minute if there were any. The view is nice though.

          1. It is madness.
            I'm about 250 miles north of that. A certain not insignificant number of those people make their way through here on their way skiing every weekend. Gotta love 'em for the financial boost to the local economy, but jebus there's a lot of 'em.

          2. I freak when I have to wait for two light changes to get through an intersection.
            Am off to gather supplies for two days of hermitage.
            Wish me luck.

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