91 thoughts on “A. I. Pies

  1. Perhaps letting a neural net invent pies was not the wisest idea

    25 years from now:

    "Kitchen HAL, make me a nice dessert for my party."
    "What dessert would you like, Dave?"
    "Oh, I dunno. Surprise me!"
    "Okay, Dave. I have the greatest enthusiasm for the mission "

    Here's the Post on "ai weirdness" from whence this came: | Finest Pies |

        1. There was snow on our mountains yesterday, I’d say down to at least 2500 ft, maybe 2000. I have never seen thAt this early in the year. Also it was pouring rain along the 101 through Los Angeles, which was fun.

          1. This has been a deep storm. It snowed more in the south than the north, and it's still really cold. It was 17° here this morning. The sun is out now, and snow is falling off the trees. I'm staying in until it's at least above freezing. Still a few weeks until winter. Bullshit.

          2. It's unusual for here, especially so early. Oh well, it's getting better. It's 32 now, so I went out to get my trash bin from the street. I wouldn't want their job on a day like today.

  2. Of the pie selections above:
    Someone in the area probably has done Chili Custard. Would try.
    Cherry Cheese is close enough to Apple Pie with Melted cheddar. Would try,
    Strawberry Ham also would try.

    1. Palmdale is the high desert and it does get snow sometimes. I say that because at first I thought you wrote “Palm Springs” which slightly startled me.

  3. Field report: Went to the malls today, first Black Friday mall trip in YEARS; bought four tee shirts at Target for $6 each, a gold chain at Penney to replace a broken one from a necklace that was my grandmother's, resisted standing in line for a pretzel, and then went to see Knives Out. All in all a good day.

    Also: there is snow very very low on the mountains.

    Also: It is 39 degrees here right now. In NOVEMBER. I have put sweaters on both of my dogs and I am wearing SOCKS.

      1. Hi, Everyone! Wow! I'm amazed. I'm in a Master's program at ASU's Engineering School (haw haw, I guess) and it's going great. Cmdr is sleeping because he is a working man (and drinker) and is always exhausted. There is a 2-year-old cat baby to my right that I cover with blankies sometimes. He just gave me his "stop" look, so I will quit.

          1. No, sadly Jake our Maine Coon was 16 years old and succumbed to CKD. (We had to give him subcutaneous fluids at home, it was god awful.) We have his ashes. He was a furry distinguished man, an Admiral and a Senator of Hmmphville.

            We waited awhile and got Ike! A very sweet little marble tabby bebbeh. He rolls around like a dog when Cmdr comes home from work. He is a wonderful kitteh!

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