56 thoughts on “Gluing Tiny Hats to Pigeons

          1. "Oblivious to the Revelry " could be the second Waits tribute.
            Actually maybe two EP's instead of one LP, since I know [ to play ]
            seven songs.

  1. Wow, I just found out first hand what people experience online from Bernie Bros. I replied to a comment on Twitter that was about Cenk Ygur. The comment was stupid – it implied that Ygur could make cabinet appointments if elected to congress and so he must be stopped. I pointed out that, um, Congress does not make cabinet appointments. I immediately got four replies, or retweets or whatever they are, from Bernie stans saying that if Bernie is elected president then Bernie will make cabinet appointments and that Cenk Ygur would thus then be involved, and so the original comment remains valid QED.

    It was only four comments, but good grief. And yes also too I should never have commented. Lesson learned.

    1. Then Cenk said he doesn't want endorsement, and Bernie said
      he takes back the endorsement, or the other way around.
      Ergo, am going on another pub crawl .

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