64 thoughts on “Phallic Fish Found on Beach

          1. A friend of mine, [Laura Ellen Hopper], was a program director for a few of the best radio stations to ever grace the FM dial. She virtually invented the American genre at [KFAT.] After their demise she founded [KPIG], still on air today. Anyway, she's who turned me on to Alvin Crow.

        1. also in Waits lore, it was at the Tropicana that Chuck.E. Weiss called him from Colorado
          Thence Tom says to Ricki Lee , "Chuck E. 's in love."

  1. I took the dogs out into the backyard this morning to do their business, I haven't been into the backyard before dark since Wednesday. Long story short, over in the corner of the yard, there is human poop and toilet paper. It is disgusting to say the least. One of the workers tearing up my house clearly felt it was OK to use my backyard as a toilet. I took pics, cleaned it up, on Monday I am going to call the company and tell them what happened, tell them that I assume it is someone from their crew, and tell them that I have kept some as a sample for the police report and for DNA testing if need be and that before I go to that length that I hope they will get whoever did this to admit it and to take appropriate action.

    I am so steamed right now. What the ever living fuck.

        1. I'd be steamed by a steamer, too. As it is, the crew i hired to paint last year robbed me blind. I think I'd prefer a deuce, if given a choice.

          1. As in they took your stuff or as in they overcharged you? Either one is horrible but taking your stuff is so desecrating, so violating.

          2. They took my stuff. A couple of propane heaters, a point and shoot Nikon, a pair of Nikon binoculars, a fucking Mexican blanket, and my supply of Dilaudid, which I can't get anymore. At least they left my guitars and guns alone.

          3. Nothing of much value, and nothing I even noticed until they were gone. What hurts is that the main guy was an old friend of mine. I gave him a chance and got screwed. Fucking druggies.

          4. btw, today I texted the supervisor about it and sent him poop pics and he said he'd look into it and then got back to me and said his guys said they didn't do it. Of course they did it, but it ticks he off that he'd let it go at taking them at their word.

          5. DNA test. It's the only way to be sure.
            And that's why my paint crew robbed me, because I left the house open for them to use the bathroom when I had to go to town for supplies or anything else.

          6. I am thinking of getting a lock on the hallway door and a camera in the backyard. I don't like being a person who does that but it seems that I need to do that.

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