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      1. Instead of working, Romans spent Saturnalia gambling, singing, playing music, feasting, socializing and giving each other gifts.

        Hmmmm. someone had to be cooking all this food. I have a feeling that the women were still expected to work during all this.

  1. Update on backyard poopist:

    So the supervisor texted me yesterday to say that he will be coming to my house today. Sometimes he comes alone to check the moisture levels and he is only there for a few minutes and then leaves. I assumed this is what he meant, since the demolition work is all done.

    So today his van pulls up and it's not just him, its also one of his guys along too, it is the guy that I KNOW did the pooping. I opened the door, the supervisor said, hi, we're here to clean, so I let them both in. I said, you are here to clean the floors? He said that no, they were here to clean the poop in the backyard. I told the supervisor that I had already thrown the poop away, he pointed at his worker and he said to me to show him where the poop was anyway and to let him clean.

    So I took the guy into the backyard and pointed at where I had cleaned up the poop and he started scraping up leaves and stuff from the ground so I left him to it and went back inside and spoke with the supervisor.

    Long story short, while the supervisor wouldn't admit that this guy actually did it, it was clear that he knew the guy did it and that he had driven all the way up here with him to right a wrong. (Their office is in Glendale, for you east-coasters, that's in Los Angeles next to Burbank, so a drive of an hour and a half to two hours depending on traffic). He drove all the way up here to make the guy clean up and teach him a lesson. The supervisor said to me in so many words that if he were to acknowledge the pooping or if I were to go to their boss then both he and the pooper would lose their jobs, so he was clearly trying to make nice and do this gesture to make sure I understood it would not happen again and keep me a happy customer.

    I am OK with this outcome.

    Also, after they left I went out to the backyard to see what he had done and he had scraped the entire area, about six feet square, down to bare earth and then sprayed something black on it with a strong antiseptic smell. It looks like the spot was burned by a flame thrower. I don't know what he put on the ground and I am wondering if any plants will still grown there. I also want to make sure to keep my dogs from walking in it, but still clearly he sanitized the whole area, and so I'm satisfied.

      1. Yes. I think he handled it well. He's in charge of these guys but he's not the boss, he's just a supervisor. I sure don't want him to lose his job because he's demonstrably a responsible person who supervises well. He had to figure out a way to handle this so that his guy has consequences and that he keeps the customer happy and doesn't lose his own job. So I think he made good decisions.

        I also strongly suspect that the pooper will not be getting any promotions or be with the company for very long if this supervisor can help it. I also have a feeling this isn't the first time this worker has demonstrated that he's a problem person.

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