Workers Spending Too Long in the Bathroom? Try a Tilted Toilet.

34 thoughts on “Workers Spending Too Long in the Bathroom? Try a Tilted Toilet.

          1. Hey, non-'Villians loved the Too Sad pic, but I think if I were to make it into
            a poster, should remove the reference to Tom. Would you do that when you get a chance?

          1. Oh yeah, had a couple of heart attacks, Saturday and Tuesday. Went to ER Tuesday, and they life-flighted my ass to Reno. Surgery Wednesday, released Thursday. Surreal!

          2. Scariest thing I've ever faced! When I went to the ER, I fully expected to come home later that day after some tests. We don't have a cardiac facility here, so every event is considered an emergency and flown to Reno. My dear friend from across the road drove up to rescue me and we spent the night with another mutual friend there before heading home Friday morning.
            The worst thing about it for me is that I had to postpone my knee replacement, which was scheduled for the 2nd week in January.

          3. Aw, crap, Biff, that's one thing on top of another! I am at least glad you had someone with you and glad they got you home safe.

          4. I've had to postpone the knee replacement for 15 years now! Every year, some other emergency comes up. Maybe I'm just not meant to have a new knee after all.

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