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      1. The highlight of the hotel is room No 3, known as “Banksy’s Room”, where guests sleep in a king-size bed underneath a Banksy artwork showing a Palestinian and an Israeli having a pillow fight.

        1. I've never gotten what keeps people going to see ALW musicals. His music is cloying, his shows are weird, on the other hand, Sondheim will stand the test of time.

        1. I guess I'm doing OK, thanks. Following doc's orders, being one of those "Do-Nothing Democrats".
          I have a follow-up appointment locally on Elvis' birthday. I didn't want to wait that long, but the appointment they made for me in Reno was on Boxing Day, and I don't travel over the holidays because I'm not insane. So that's the status quo, and I have to wait until then to get an Rx for cardio rehab.

          1. Good to hear and pulling for a good trend. Many people will be loafing off over the holidays, bur few have their ow, doctor's note.
            The best travel advice I have for the holiday season, learned through years of experience: Don't.

          2. Most of my life, my most common travel was across the Sierra to the Bay Area to visit family. After awhile, I made it a hard rule to never visit there after the first mountain pass closed for the season, which is always Tioga through Yosemite. I have expanded my no-travel rule to include any direction during the winter, by any means of conveyance. No good can come of it. I didn't have a choice with the air ambulance, though. Whether or not it was worth it remains to be seen.

    1. Shoeless Dick
      Now there's a list of people who heartily deserve a tumbrel ride.


      Leah Mosher
      Dec 21
      Replying to
      Am I reading this wrong, or is sis packing 14 bikinis while considering herself a light packer?

          1. I love |this site| and daydream about getting dog cushions from it. But: a) it's frickkin' expensive and more importantly: b) while my dogs don't get too dirty because they avoid water, mud and dirt, they would still probably poop on it and I guarantee the cats would pee on it, first opportunity. Sigh.

            ETA: Also: honestly, who on earth has dogs who lead such pristine lives to be able to live on cushions this fancy? One would need a dog cushion butler to keep an eye on the cushions 24/7. My spaniel is always licking her girly parts and she sleeps on my pillow on the bed and there are always slightly bloody, watery mystery spots all over the pillow from her oozing sores that never heal because she won't stop licking them. No way would I ever spend $300 plus shipping on a velvet pillow just to have it covered with dog secretions and cat pee. But one can dream…

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