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    1. I much prefer the spiders to that wasp. I've been stung by one (known locally as a tarantula hawk) and it's one of the worst stings I've ever endured.

  1. SOCKED IN: Closed in by bad weather, often said of an airport; fogbound; snowbound. This expression originally found in the context of flying, has its roots in the use of a windsock at airports to provide wind direction. The windsock, a large, open-ended, cone-shaped sleeve attached to a post by a pivot, at one time provided pilots with wind direction. When the weather deteriorated (fog or snow) to the point that the sock couldn’t be seen, the field was said to be ‘socked in’ and takeoffs and landings would be difficult to impossible. The expression is said to date from the 1940s


  2. Ugh. Do a search on Twitter for Kevin Spacey. Don't click on the message from him, but definitely read other people's comments.

        1. They do appear to have eaten all the food!
          My last cat used to hang out with them and invite them inside to eat. The muddy mess and musky smell was hard to take, but if I closed off the pet door the cat would be just as destructive himself.


      * WHAT…Rain expected with snow possible. Total snow
      accumulations up to 3 inches in some locations. Winds gusting
      as high as 35 mph.

      * WHERE…Portions of Southeast Arizona.

      1. I've never heard of a tornado around here before so that is a little freaky. Also I was driving home from Pasadena right at that time, this was probably right before I passed through that area. Clearly it was just at the harbor and did no damage, but it is just so strange and a little unsettling. From my vantage point on the road it was just really, really rainy the entire drive home. The driving conditions didn't seem unsafe at all, just rainy. There was very little traffic since it was Christmas night; there were two spin-outs right in Ventura but the CHP was there running a break for the few cars on the road and the spin-out on my side of the road just turned around and got back on the road, clearly no injury. I figure the spin-outs happened right there because that is where the 101 hits the ocean so the road is right at sea level and also by that time it had been raining for a few hours.

        So basically just normal conditions for your neck of the woods and for people back east, lol, but very dramatic for the Southern California coast, haha.

        1. We were somewhat isolated due to the storm yesterday morning. While we only got an inch or two of snow here, several mountain passes leading to and from here were buried in up to two feet of the white shit. No mail delivery as a result. So much for their credo: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"
          Edit: Postmaster sez no mail again today due to Highways 58 and 178 still being closed due to snow. I guess all the snow removal equipment is up here where it's usually needed more than down there.

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