93 thoughts on “Illinois Governor On The Give

  1. A time honored method of purchasing goodwill employed by rich assholes on both sides. Especially helpful if your donations are tax deductible. This way you get to fund shit you like rather than what taxes fund, generally.

  2. Woke up this mornin, looked out my window,
    It was cold and wet and gray.
    Lawd I had this horrible feeling,
    I was in Erie P.A.

          1. When they got banned here there was some discussion about the costs, etc., and basically they still make money when people toss a few into a lake.

      1. Our zombie colleague mentioned this road long ago. I've thought about visiting it but frankly I never ever get out that far.

          1. I've had to look at my own profile on my phone to get my own number before. Glad I don't have to remember anymore.

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