53 thoughts on “Remains of Escaped Headless Axe Murderer found in Cave

          1. No, in fact I was chastised recently for not properly securing the guitar cable behind the strap

            The poster arrived, framing it now thx

          1. Liz Ann
            Are those piles of cocaine on the floor around each leg of the pool table? I’m guessing that explains the decorating choices.

            Kay Orchison
            Is the gun wall something to do with the stairs erupting into tentacles?

          2. Michael Tannenbaum

            Dr. Phil’s house is if The Cheesecake Factory was a military base

          3. Ha!
            Shannon Coulter

            A classic example of the brohemian interior design style aka mid-midlife crisis.

    1. I wish when these horrible horrible disasters that could have been avoided or lessened happen that politicians like this asswipe could be put in prison.

      1. 2000 to 2100 is starting to look a good deal like 900 to 1000. Pope Sylvester II knew the world was round, and the earth went around the sun. A hundred-fifty years later that was gone and the Dark Ages was in full bloom. The current anti-science knuckle draggers are looking to return to that kinda Medieval thinking.

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