82 thoughts on ““Unmitigated Twaddle”

  1. Luckily , I bought the sheet music for "Rhapsody" about twelve years ago. It took me about a month the get the
    first two pages at a point where they were somewhat recognizable. If I had kept at it, I might now be able to play it.

    1. Also, I remember thinking, 'Wait , he wrote this in 192 fucking 4? ' Seems I always place it at least 10, or even 15 years later. Shows how much I know.
      Also , the original and still probably best arrangement was done by Paul Fucking Whiteman and His Douche Orchestra.

    2. My dad used to talk about when he was a kid and his parents took him to hear Oscar Levant play it at the Hollywood Bowl. That was back when the bowl was a venue for long-hair music. My dad played the clarinet as a kid, probably mostly because Benny Goodman did, but he sure had a thing about that clarinet glissando.

  2. Since [gorgeous] post was unfortunately when The Idiot decided to kill Iranians, I now say:


    Just as there''s another drone strike

    1. I fucked up and bought a new win8 machine. I was among the first to get the free upgrade to 10. Not bad, once you install the classic shell.

  3. Sis is in town. I'm off now to one of many hopefully-not-too-obnoxious times.
    It could be worse, I suppose, don't have to have a meal with Tom Friedman.

      1. Never a goat around when you need one.

        Not too bad, I had my three stories told in about tweny minutes, ate, played some word acrostic
        game on her phone. Upcoming weeks can only go downhill from there.

        Won't be saying much to their asshole neighbor at the RV park though.

      1. First day back at HQ today and, though no one seems to want to talk about it, I got the distinct impression that something very like Norovirus ripped through the place while I was out.
        Feel very much like Idoged the bullet.

  4. Or not.
    Anyone wanna guess how the recently fucked Kurds are going to react ?
    Also, the ISIS that we never really got rid of ?

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