We were somewhere around the Samsung booth, on the edge of the carpet, when the drugs began to take hold.

108 thoughts on “We were somewhere around the Samsung booth, on the edge of the carpet, when the drugs began to take hold.

  1. I started to laugh, and suddenly all of my emotional faucets were on full blast, and then I started to cry. Then I was sobbing.
    Maybe the Consumer Electronics Show was a bad place to take LSD for the first time.

    “No, this is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted.”
    ― Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    That was 1972, Erin. Jesus, does no one read the classics anymore?

  2. Today in slurs. OK, ………like calling the plant 'Wandering Jew', not really all that complimentary.

    "Talkin Fishin Blues " by Woody Guthrie.

    The version by Ramblin' Jack came up in my YT, so then I went to the original.
    In the "Stagnant waters is a stinking thing….." verse Woody says " Except the mud wallopers, Jew gars…"

    So it was a term. Did not know it.

    Wiki The Jewish law of kashrut, which only permits the consumption of fish with scales, forbids sturgeon, as they have ganoid scales instead of the permitted ctenoid and cycloid scales.

    In the next verse, Woody says, "alligator gar", another name for the sturgeon.

    In the two live versions by Ramblin' Jack, he just says " gar", "alligator gar" , and one performance eliminates that verse altogether.

    That's all for now.

  3. Flu. Temp is 102.5. Terrible cough. Slept 13 hours last night and most of today. Ugh.
    And now my toilet is running and won't stop so I HAVE to get up and fix it. Dammit.

          1. Thank you. It finally shut itself off. Maybe I imagined the whole thing. I was somewhat delerious for much of Friday night and Saturday. Maybe I still am – spellcheck is saying delerious isn’t a word. Maybe I don’t exist.

          2. All I have eaten is some milk and cookies. I can’t really taste anything, my tongue feels numb. In fact I feel like I am wearing a numbness suit, it is kind of hard to walk very far. But I do feel much better than yesterday.

          3. I keep thinking about that delirium passage in Pale Horse, Pale Rider.

          4. Awful, I hope you're feeling better now!

            I haven't gotten sick yet this season (knocks on wood to placate imaginary imps, etc.) but I usually pound hot tea and honey, O.J. and watch the 90's TV miniseries of | Steven King's The Stand. | Seeing all those people kicking off with Superflu makes me happy that I don't feel that bad.

        1. I probably mentioned the time bought a property in Northern Az. with some cabins on it and
          the stewardship people were the first staff to be invited to stay there and treat everything with bleach because
          they were concerned about hanta.

          1. Deer mice are beyond plentiful around here, and are the most common carrier of hanta. Every few years someone dies, and three of them have been friends or acquaintances of mine. Shit's spooky.

          2. Hell yeah. This was after four or five people died in N. Az. in one year [ I think ].
            "Let's send the outdoors people to deal with it, cheaper than hiring professionals to
            sterilize the place."
            Most of us slept outside while we were there. felt safer.

            Some people say the whole thing was an eco-sham, nothing really special about the place, they
            just needed a property up there.

  4. Dewey I accidentally deleted your comment! Can you re post it? I was trying to hit the reply arrow then hit the cancel arrow and now I am AGHAST.

      1. Wow:

        Later, I'd confirm that our welcoming committee was Stephen K. Bannon, a screenwriter, a commentator, and a gregarious shit talker who called me a "commie" with a twinkle in his eye within 30 seconds of properly meeting me.

  5. Also, I guess we've kept some personnel in Saudi Arabia, but I'm sure sending more troops surely
    will not upset anyone .

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