103 thoughts on “Gluing 3D Glasses to Cuttlefish

        1. Thanks for the release.

          That dub can be done, in a bit, because my public demands that I learn "The Bare Necessities" from The Jungle Book

          Satchmo did it too.

          1. That's the legend. I've never heard anything to the contrary.
            Having trouble finding a C. commercial that's not already a parody or dubbed with something else.

          2. Well, I added captions, but I'm not sure it's safe for………..
            …….well …..anywhere, really.

          3. Man this is great

            If you have Google or the Roku thingy mobile apps on your phone, you could cast it to your sister's TV. See how long it takes her to notice

          4. [ hides flip-phone in shame ]

            The captioned version involves certain behaviors that are not currently
            acceptable in most circles.

  1. Have you guys watched The Two Popes? I just watched it. Fantastic.

    In related news about twos, both my dogs are sound asleep, spread eagle on their backs, snoring. Dignity. How does it work?

          1. It fixed itself and it hasn't done the running thing since. Maybe I hallucinated the whole thing. This whole weekend seems like it might have been a hallucination.

  2. So are we going to live blog the debate? It's tonight, right? I'm sitting in a meeting and I can't watch but I am semi-curious as to what might happen. Semi-curious is about its level, I figure.

        1. The blogeratti consensus is that the questions were submitteed by the RNC.
          WIll you let Iran have the bomb?
          Will you bankrupt the country?

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