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  1. In a civil suit filed in 2018, Kurt Pilgeram claimed that, by cremating the bulk of his father’s body, which he was aghast to receive at his home two weeks after his father’s death, Alcor breached its contract and dashed any hopes “of bringing his head ‘back to life.’”

    As the "science" of Cryonics is widely regarded as falling somewhere between wishful thinking and outright flim-flam, I'd say the odds of bringing his head back to life didn't change.

    “They chopped his head off, burned his body, put it in a box and sent it to my house,” he told The Great Falls Tribune.

    Now, you make it sound so bad and unprofessional when you put it that way.

  2. Excellent post picture.

    When I clicked it open, I mis-read the headline as, "The Bizarre Fight Over a Healthy Biochemist’s Frozen Head Keeps Getting Weirder" and of course was confused. I mean – how much weirder can that get?

      1. "Next on Gweneth Paltrow's Goop Lab: Freeze your Va-jay-jay with frozen jade eggs. Will it work? Pseudo-scientists say: Yes maybe!

    1. OK, now even I think this is weird:

      At one point, Kurt accused Alcor of preserving a wax dummy instead of his dad’s actual head, and the nonprofit sent him photographic evidence to combat that claim, according to Cafferata.

    2. I'm waiting to see what it is fraught with…..

      A fraught, multi-million-dollar legal battle …

      fraud? frustration? freezing facilities…….

      1. Hazardous Weather Outlook for South Florida
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    1. I notice the comments are having fun with the double meaning but I think it is funny enough with its original meaning. I live in a small town full of entitled hippies who will complain about things like the farmers market doesn't offer a broad enough selection of San Marzano tomatoes and anyone knows that Romas simply will not do.

      1. I know, since the first thing that came to me was "Maybe they're just happy to see you", but that whole crisis over produce – of all things – is signature Entitlement. If only that was my biggest worry.

        The Tourist Town next to the Tiny Town I Live In has had a huge influx of upscale suburban newcomers over the years and they've changed the entire aspect of the place – but only on the surface. A few years ago,a group of them decided that the town's 100 year old "Muskrat Park" was far too prosaic a name for their idea of a cute little renovated gingerbread town and got up a petition to change it to something so dumb I don't even remember it. This of course provoked an instantaneous and violently negative reaction from the long time locals, because No One Could Have Predicted it turns out that wealthy upstarts fooling with the beloved history of the town crosses a big red line.
        It's called "Muskrat Park" to this day.

        1. From the Goodreads review comments:

          Apr 11, 2008
          Steve rated it: *really liked it*
          Recommends it for: delinquents, frotters, nut cases
          Recommended to Steve by: a funny smelling man

          I read this back it when it was Dr. Fegg's Nasty Book of Knowledge. It is a sick, weird book of funny psychopathological ramblings about rats and the Bournemouth killings. There are songs, too, I think. It's the perfect gift for that maladapted teenaged relative with a crepuscular sense of humor.

          I don't know how I missed out on this as a teen, but I feel so deprived now.

        1. No we'll tell him that Obama planned on impounding Medicare/Medicaid/SS funds and using them to set up rendering plants to transform The Old into Soylent Green.
          We'll have the best damned safety net in the world.

        1. There was like one or two surfing dogs when I lived there, but it's become a worldwide phenomenon since.
          Damn, do I miss the coast.

          1. My dogs are terrified of the water. And I have a pool.

            Before my spaniel went blind I used to walk her at Shoreline Park in Santa Barbara. I still do, but I used to carry her down the steps to the actual beach and then walk her along the waterline. She HATED it, was so scared of the water, but I loved to watch the water dogs going nuts playing in the waves. For me that was the whole reason to go to that park. Now we just walk along the cliff walkways instead and don't go down to the beach.

            It would be fun if my dogs liked water and could surf, I would put them on a boogie board, they'd both fit. Sigh.

          2. I used to have a Labrador Retriever who loved water until he got his bell rung when he got hit by a motorcycle. Henceforth, he hated water, even though none was near the scene of the accident. He also hated motorcycles and since the responding officer was on a motorcycle, he hated cops as well. At least he didn't get that from me, though we shared that sentiment.

  3. I got the permit to operate my solar generating plant this morning, so I should be producing electricity momentarily.
    Relax, people, planet saved.

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