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    1. Thank you. Will accept that even if I was in no way thinking like that.
      I mean, I totally was thinking that, but even if I weren't……
      …………or something………

      1. I have a semi-pro photog friend who does that shit all the time. He's shameless, won't see the error of his ways. I need to forward this to him.

        1. “Berating amateur photographers is effective,” he says, “because of the harassment that ensues.”

          I get that crooked horizons are annoying in a first-world-problem sort of way, but to do this sort of thing to the extent that someone deletes their Instagram account and makes them sad about a vacation they had saved up their hard-earned money for is awful. He likes that his targets get harassed. I bet if he were the target of something similar he'd scream outrage and demand to speak to the manager. It is privileged white guy behavior that doesn't respect that other people maybe have other things to worry about than taking photographs that that meet the standards of some stranger on the internet who is looking for trouble.

          I hope this guy has a terrible life. Also the author of the article should have pointed that out at least a little bit and not let him get away with it. She only talks about the shame of the person who took the photograph.

          1. Yeah, the guy is a total jerk and deserves a terrible life. That's the world we live in now, though. Jerks everywhere.

          1. lol. I keep noticing marriage announcements lately where the people getting married say that instead of gifts they are asking people to just donate to their weed fund. America.

      1. The unconscious misogyny is astonishing. I mean: Hey you idiots who thought of this, do you know what misogyny is? THIS. Fuckers.

          1. Pompeo's press release today is predictably trying to smear Kelly and cover his ass, but since Bangladesh doesn't have a huge peninsula sticking into the Black Sea I'm calling him a lying liar.

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    –I can meet then.

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