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    1. burgher king

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      Why. Does. He. Have. A. Blank. Map.

      Seriously, what possible utility…and his underling was able to whip that thing out on a moment's notice.

      I think he keeps one around just to fuck with people who ask uncomfortable questions.

        1. Well, that's what it sounds like to me. I can't make out your vocals either, so maybe not the best judge.
          Her career is over in any case.

  1. Fans of punk/new wave may appreciate. Posted by Martin Newell (Cleaners of Venus) of their 1994 Japanese tour

    The musicians in this pic are L-R Nelson Surfquake Nice borrowed during his 23 year-stint in New Model Army, Captain Sensible and (seated on the floor) Garrie Dreadful, both from The Damned. In the yellow and tartan, my bad self. Next to me Paul Tivy who I think was playing with the British Doors show at that time and of course Dave Gregory from XTC. That was a pretty good touring band, I can tell you, snapped right in the middle of a very memorable trip, by Kevin Crace whose idea it was that Andy Partridge and I made the Greatest Living Englishman album. 27 years ago this week Andy and I started work on it. It was the beginning of a big adventure. We finished it 6 months later. It came out in the autumn of 93. 

    <img src="https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/s960x960/83005260_2714808608612610_7441398480930603008_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&_nc_ohc=1iZQVLVPzoYAX9ACzvf&_nc_ht=scontent-lax3-1.xx&oh=0de9fba89d917cd7ea4e52b533ce9f50&oe=5E93D1A9&quot; width=480>

    1. My boss got back from his vacation overnight on Saturday, he was driving on the freeway through Calabasas at about 3 a.m. He said that it was so insanely foggy that he had to slow down to about 45 mph, which is a scary thing to do on the 101, the main thoroughfare out of Los Angeles along the coast. He was worried that someone else driving the normal speed through there, which is often 70-75 mph, could roar up behind him and that would be the end of things. He said fortunately it was all fine, and obviously he got home safely, but he said it was highly unusual and very scary. And then of course a few hours later we hear about this.
      Also if you look at a map of where exactly the crash happened, it is of off Las Virgenes, just right off the freeway. It's on a hill I have always referred to as the "elephant toes" i.e., it is very noticeable from the freeway. So I am just guessing, but I think maybe the pilot was following the freeway but then got confused, possibly from fog, and started following Los Virgenes instead, realized his error and tried to turn left to turn around, and at that point something went wrong, or there was a hill right in front of them that maybe was obscured by fog.

      1. I haven't paid much attention to this tragedy, but damn, knowing where it occurred brings it into a bit sharper focus. That's my old canyon-carving stomping grounds from when I lived in Latigo Canyon and rode motorcycles ridiculously fast all over Malibu.

        1. If you look at a map it is literally right off the 101 at Las Virgenes. In fact there will probably be lots of looky-loos.
          Things have probably changed a lot there since you lived there, but now, right where Las Virgenes crosses the freeway, there are a whole bunch of fast food places and long-distance travel restaurants like a Cocos, a string of business parks (in fact The Cheesecake Factory's corporate office and manufacturing plant is right there) and then a school and some condos, then to the south-west all of that dribbles out pretty fast and it turns into those rolling hills that turn into Malibu Canyon, but right there at the freeway there is now a lot of commerce right up against those hills. I don't think it is in the city limits for Calabasas, I think the city limits start just to the south of this spot, I think this is technically considered just Lost Hills, i.e., unincorporated LA County (but not sure and too lazy to look at the map right now.)

          1. I tried to visit Malibu about 5 years ago, approaching it from Santa Monica. Just north of the Incline, traffic came to a near standstill. I remained patient for about 30 minutes, but finally couldn't take it anymore. Flipped a u-turn right in front of a deputy's car, and he let me do it. I doubt if I'll ever go back.

          2. Traffic in Malibu is TERRIBLE. Always was, always will be. It is beyond me WHY. Where are those cars going? By the time you reach the Ventura County line most of the traffic is gone; it doesn't seem to ever turn off in droves into the canyon passes, so where do all those cars go? There can't be that many people who actually live along there. I do NOT understand.

          3. When I lived there it wasn't too bad midweek, but weekends got the star-chasers out in droves. I lived and worked in Latigo Canyon before moving to Point Dume and commuted to Latigo, and the traffic was tolerable. The rest of L.A. was always awful, and I couldn't wait to escape.

    1. 𒇷 𒁯𒅗
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      Dems in disarray: Minor inconvenience or disagreement over procedure

      GOP in disarray: Their president committed a crime and they can’t hide it anymore

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