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        1. I got a tour of a Soviet sub at a Canada Day celebration in Victoria BC in 1962. The sailors were all so young, very polite and helpful, answering questions. The electronic gadgetry was protected from prying eyes by pieces of cardboard taped over it. Quite different from home in San Francisco.

  1. So McSally email saying " I'm so badass, being called 'liberal hack' is nothing like flying in combat."

    Blue: Hah. You're so afraid of Trump you won't even answer a question.

  2. So regarding yesterday's crash. (Not gonna put too many searchable words in this one, don't want to get anyone in trouble.)
    I just spoke with a friend of mine who works for the city down there and it WAS in the city limits. Still very early days, of course, but apparently the plan is to block off the area for a LONG time to keep looky-loos out, then they will re-grade the hillside to different grading than it is now and re-arrange the trails, then let all the vegetation grow back. That way when they re-open it, it will be impossible to tell the exact place where it happened and that should keep pilgrimages to a minimum. I will probably delete this later.

      1. pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”
        They said it couldn’t be done, but Jared Kushner managed to bring together Israel and Israel and come up with a peace plan that gives both the Israelis and the Israelis everything they want

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