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    1. Link bad even upon refresh. I'll assume it was 'Baby Nut'.

      Full disclosure: There was a contest and I received a 'participation' Mr. Peanut whistle for a drawing I did of him. I think the big winner got $1000 or something.

    1. A reminder that progressives are actively trying to make things better while everyone else is actively trying to make things worse

    1. I'm buying this book.

      I admire their can-do optimism and I am big into the concept of a "Seafood Paradise". However, I know something about building islands and running a decaying old ship full of asbestos, grease and toxic bunker oil aground in a high energy surf zone and building a garbage landfill around it is really not the way you want to go about it. As we have seen.

      Maybe they were misled by the name of the ocean. Pacific. Sounds so calm.

        1. Yeah, those would have worked. Better yet, place the stone breakwater *first*, before bringing the ship out.

          In October 1966, Taggart gave the verbal equivalent of a shrug to the Los Angeles Times. “I know it sounds fantastic,” he said, “But we’ve consulted experts in international law and they say there’s nothing to prevent us from starting our own country if we want to.”

          Personally, I would have consulted a team of marine engineers first.

          My favorite part of the whole (admittedly nerve wracking) story is when the team got on board the holed and sinking Jalisco in 20-foor seas to desperately try to secure it, only to find they had sold all the anchor chain and one of the anchors for scrap and the capstan motor was broken. It sounds like a nightmare you're glad you screamed yourself awake from.

  1. I just got home from work. VERY long day, no time to check my computer at all. And I come to find out that WHAT is happening in Iowa. WHAT WHAT WHAT? ARUGH.

    Also it is frickin crazy cold here tonight, hard freeze warning, in FEBRUARY.

      1. Right now Bernie and Buttigieg disgust me with their premature declarations of victory. Of course Buttigieg has always been on my ugh list.

      1. I would love to see a big body of water like the Chesapeake frozen over. Wow.

        Also: Hard freeze warning again tonight. WTF?!?!?

  2. For the Hard Freeze Warning, sub-freezing temperatures as low as 28 expected. For the Wind Advisory, northeast winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.


    1. That one has the cut-away to Melania, and wtf?
      " Ya know Mel, black -face may be too over the top. How about we just brown you up ?"

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