How much is it to buy all the mariachi bands in North America?

50 thoughts on “How much is it to buy all the mariachi bands in North America?

  1. @DineshDSouza

    History typically remembers presidents with one line. “Washington was the father of the country.” “Lincoln freed the slaves.” How do YOU think history will remember Trump?

    1. Friends sent Sis photos of the snowpocalypse in the Elephant Butte/ Truth or Consequences metroplex two weeks ago.
      Shut down the towns.

          1. I enjoy driving in it in such a manner that is likely to get me arrested, but if I have to get out to chain up, forget it.

  2. Aaron Rupar


    TRUMP: "I'm actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country." (The attorney general is the top law enforcement officer of the country.)

    1. The fact that this East Coast millionaire's college educated businessman son lived at the center of civilization for 70+ years and still manages to be a blitheringly uninformed fool has got to be the main argument for a punishing level of estate taxes.

    1. I have a few friends attending a Bernie event in Reno right now. I don't like people well enough to want to be among that many of them.

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