18 thoughts on “In Search of the Lost Stench

  1. The best candidate she found for a universally distasteful smell was something called “U.S. Government Standard Bathroom Malodor,” a substance that was designed to mimic the scent of military field latrines in order to test cleaning products.

    Only the military would go to great lengths to artificially manufacture something that they have an overabundance of naturally.

    She chose the aromatic liquid as the base of her stink-bomb recipe. The resulting formula, which she called Stench Soup, may well be the worst smell ever created.

    GAH this is why the Geneva Gas protocol was ratified for fuck's sake.

    Chemists tell cautionary tales about a substance called thioacetone, which in 1889 was the subject of experiments in a lab in Frieberg, Germany. One thioacetone reaction produced a smell so bad that it spilled out of the lab and swept through the city, causing widespread panic and evacuation, along with a lot of people being sick in the streets.

    This has to be Larry's Great-Grandfather's Origin Story.

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