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  1. These days, purchasing human remains and storing them in your home is generally frowned upon within the academic community.

    Look, all those brains were just sitting in the collections room and I brought most of them back. Tight asses.

    But the labels on the jars mostly date to the late 1960s, when things were different and you could keep a few preserved tongues in your basement without anyone raising an alarm.

    * Florida Professors should not have any preserved tongues at home.

    * Florida Professors can have a few preserved tongues at home as a treat.

  2. Gonna do some hallucinogens and try to watch the debate .
    Closed captioned anyway…………..the debate I mean, not me.

    1. Amy says Dem Senators oppose Med for All,, so Liz / Bern can have all the plans they want, but it ain't going nowhere.

    2. Bloom says he only criticized O-Care because it didn't go far enough.

      onto He's upset that stopandfrisk turned out so badly.

    3. Biden says Barack sent the dudes to NY to tell them to cut the stopandfrisk bullshit.

      Liz also calls ohim on this bullshit.

      “The policy did was it was designed to do – target black and Hispanic young men”.

    4. missed..
      apparently they asked Klob why she hates Mexicans

      Butt says shes ignorant
      She takes offense……

      Butt concludes that everyone in Wash is stupid, so elect someone from Indiana

      Some mod says to Klob.: Well , you are kinda ignorant.

      Further offense.

      Biden says he knows foreign policy


      1. Are you really taking hallucinogens? Because this is very entertaining play-by-play and you should take them for every debate from here on out..

          1. Thank You For Your Service.
            I was in no real mood to watch this last night but I'm happy with Warren's reviews and will probably go and stream clips of her publicly eviscerating that billionaire interloper bastard to cheer myself up.

    1. Klob says take it slow.

      Liz says, 'nope, get the jobs in building/repairing infrastructure, and getting ready for the climate repurcussions.'
      Also stop anti-climate lobbyists from running D.C.

    2. Mod tells Biden small Hispanic businesses have gotten tax breaks from Trump. will they be pissed?

      ][ missed the answer ]

      Butt says entrepreneurs are good.

    3. ??????musta missed something

      Butt says Klob is too white. Oh , accuses her of supporting trump immigration policies.

      You can guess her reply.

    4. We're on to delegates and the convention and how will Hillary steal it.
      [ made that last part up ]

      and I guess closing is next.

      [ these threads do not purport to be a full and accurate transcript of the debate]

    1. iPhone Venezuela and the Blue Plutocrat!
      Warren walking into Bloomberg’s office with a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat she calls “The Plan”.

      1. lol!

        I had not realized until now how much I wanted a debate where the candidates snatch each other's wigs this way. THIS was a debate worth America's time. THIS is a debate that separated the adults from the children.

        1. I grew up thinking Popeye was Canadian because he looked and talked like my Uncle Victor. Minus the sailor suit. Uncle Victor even smoked a pipe.

          1. Maybe that's where Popeye finally retired to after finally winning all those fights with Bluto.

            Did he get a lot of cans of spinach in his Christmas stocking?

  3. |Pivotal Weather
    Latest from the NWS – up to nearly 6" of #snow is expected for far eastern #NorthCarolina over the next 24 hours! Major storm impacts expected for the Greenville, NC area.

    <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EROfaCAXsAQH7Lv?format=jpg&name=small"/&gt;

    North Carolina. North Carolina! What the fuck, they *hate* snow and this is only going to make them miserable and I've had NO SNOW AT ALL this winter and FUCKING MISERABLE RAIN and GOD FUCKING DAMMIT

    fucking climate change

  4. | This post-debate interview of Elizabeth Warren | by NPR's Mary Louise Kelly is worth a listen, if for no other reason than to enjoy Warren's mastery of MSM interview technique.

    Two distinct standouts: starting at 3:42 Kelly says, in a question about Democrats attacking each other onstage "…which is prompting commentary that maybe the real winner is Donald Trump". Now, this is almost word-for-word Bloomberg Talking Point and *completely unattributed* (Some People say…etc.). Needless to say, Warren immediately strikes back with "Oh, I don't see it that way at all" and proceeds to flip the question into a "fighter against Donald Trump" talking point of her own. Completely disrupting the framing.

    Second, beginning at 5:53, Kelly asks Warren to comment on Bloomberg's statement that "…if Senator Sanders is the nominee he will lose the election". A reasonable one, if it wasn't loaded on to the back end of the interview like an old Tim Russert "gotcha", designed to highlight internecine strife and bring the conversation back to the Horse Race where Villagers feel most at home {Policy! Bah!). Warren doesn't even run at that bait and instead makes her final "elevator speech" to convince the audience that *she's* the best candidate to go up against Trump. She even admitted she wasn't answering that question, deflecting pretty heavy pressure from Kelly.

    She's good. Very good. I've listened to a fair amount of her interviews and I haven't heard her put back on her heels once. She's sharp and stays on message. I could for sure see her in the WH and Donald would turn into a gibbering fool if for some reason he agreed to debate her.

    *Transcribed, as no text was available yet*

    1. She is Mohammed Ali. She is focused and agile and sassy and gracious and fearless. She knows where to throw her spear and where not to. Clearly worthy of the Resolute Desk. I think the media would be hard pressed to keep making her invisible now. Trump's withered little gonads probably shrink into corn kernels just pondering her. All he has on her is a nickname and she's just done an end-run around that and now it will never stick.

      I wish this moment had happened sooner but at least it happened.

        1. lol, I saw that one too! So many good ones!

          Ella Dawson
          · Feb 19
          In case you felt the Earth shake, that was Elizabeth Warren tearing Bloomberg's face from his body. #DemDebate

          And this:

          Judith Anderson
          Feb 19
          Elizabeth is everything we need plus she’s like the mom who would march you down the street to the corner store to apologize and put the candy back. #PresidentWarren

          And this: https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/123033

          I donated my mite to her campaign last night. I fucking want her in the White House, snatching wigs and taking names. I want to see her drag that orange Scooby snack out the side door, across the front lawn and up the steps of Marine One, then fling him in, then slam the door, signal the pilot clearance for take off, salute the Marines standing at the steps, then march back into the White House and start fixing shit.

          1. | Sady Doyle
            I'm receiving word that Elizabeth Warren is now strapping Mike Bloomberg into a fully functional Wicker Man. The harvest will be very fine this year.

            BTW, she's been my prime choice for a while now. Solid policy chops, whipsmart, knows DC, believes in science tough as nails. No one's been able to pin anything unfortunate from her history yet, though I'm positive they've tried. She would be the perfect antagonist to the Trumpian poison circulating through the government's veins.

            It's a long way to go though, and I wish I was more confident we were facing a fair(er) fight.

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