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    1. Hey weej, C_R_ , you guys are pretty smart, Here's the situation: It's warmed-up a little, so have started going bare-foot. Also, am getting re-used to the sound of the piano going through an amp, so have moved it 4" away from where it was against the wall and plugged-in .

      So, can either of you tell me how many times I'm going to smash my pinky toe into this 30lb. block before I adjust to the slightly different situation?
      It's already a bloody, bandaged mess, and I need to know how well I need to stock up on first aid.

      1. a.) Drinking or non-drinking?
        b.) How many times do you want to smash your toe?
        c.) We could calculate a Binomial probability distribution if we had a sufficient amount of data, where:
        N = number of trips past the piano (N [is greater than] 1)
        P = Number of collisions with the piano.

        1. [ it's the amp— moved away to plug into the back ]

          a. Once in the middle of the night. Once in the afternoon. So not UI, really
          b. It may seem like fun at first, but gets old really quickly
          c.i guess maybe 20 times a day . so 2 collisions, one brush against it this morning that did not rip the bandages off , so , was just a reminder.

          also too: wearing a shoe has become a pain as well.

          1. Well, with the # of trials at 20, # of "successes" at 2 and a probability of success per trial at 0.1 (2/10) we have:
            Binomial probability: 0.285
            P(X = x)
            Cumulative probability: 0.39
            P(X < x)
            Cumulative probability: 0.68
            P(X < =x)
            Cumulative probability: 0.323
            P(X > x)
            Cumulative probability: 0.61
            P(X > = x)

            Small, probability-wise but the event significance is large and increasing significantly with each occurrence.

            As we can't rule out further collisions, have you considered wearing one shoe or wrapping the piano leg in high density foam?

          2. Or pack his foot in high-density foam? Alternately, maybe electromagnets on foot and piano leg so that they repel each other at a certain proxmity?

            OR: Pavlovian training: shock anklet activated by proximity to piano leg. This might work well in other scenarios, too.

            ETA: The electromagnet thing might become problematic if the polarities got accidentally reversed and the "off" switch is across the room.

          3. Both are good real world solutions. Another is for him to stay drunk, thus increasing the variability of the path through the room and thus (probably) decreasing the travel to impact ratio. Actual knee-crawling drunk would certainly decrease the toe impact ratio but at the risk of manifestly increasing the head impact probability.

            I've broken both of my little toes staggering barefoot into things, but only once each. I don't think I was trying very hard.

          4. Staying knee-crawling drunk would be the easiest solution to implement. Potential expense could be managed by choice of alcohol consumed.

            I've broken my left pinky toe so many times for random, stupid reasons, that now when I am standing up it doesn't actually touch the floor, is off the floor by about an eight of an inch. I should have wrapped it to the next toe each time I broke it but do I ever listen? NO.

          5. Ah thanks. Probably won't affect the calcs, because the impact object was undefined. It does leave out the high density foam wrap, though, which would adversely affect the acoustic performance.

            You could fit the amp with extensions and move it into the center of the room for new and exciting trip and fall injuries, if you want to give the toes a break.

          6. You could attach the amp to your leg – a simple surgical graft using titanium would do the trick – and then just walk around with the amp attached to your ankle, thereby avoiding crashing your toes into it. Bring the mountain to Mohammed.
            Of course that would mean a higher frequency (ha!) of damage to the amp as you walk around and it bangs into the piano leg, but at least you wouldn't break your toes.

          7. A … sound idea?

            The battery pack could have jets, too. That way if he approaches something that he might bang into and damage the amps, he could instead engage the jets and fly above the obstruction.

            Of course he would need to have pretty large jets to accommodate the extra weight of having a heavy amp on each leg. Also, he would probably have to remodel his house to have enough ceiling clearance when he turns the jets on, probably add a couple stories' worth of height or just remove the roof altogether, something which would probably require a building permit or some sort of exemption. He should probably wear a safety helmet, too, just in case. That would likely be a requirement baked into the permit.
            Also velocity might be a problem – again something that would be baked into the permit.

          8. HA.

            He'll need a powered exoskeleton to carry the weight, or perhaps just replace limbs with titanium and electric motorized ones powered by plutonium Radiosotopic thermoelectric generators.

            I don't think he'll mind if we convert him into a cyborg, for Art's sake.

          9. Strictly anecdotal, but 30+ years of sobriety have yielded no significant decrease in toe stubbings and other random embarrassing incidents.

          10. Put it on a cinder block, or anything to get it a few inches off the ground but leaves the point of impact floating.

  1. haha:

    David Roth
    Feb 19
    It's incredible that Chuck Todd is a major figure in our political discourse. He has the vibe and the look of a Kinko's manager who's on Reddit for 13 hours every day.

  2. Here's another good one about Elizabeth Warren:
    Lauren Hough
    Feb 19
    The thing about @ewarren is she knows, now matter how dead the monster looks, you fucking kill him again.

  3. |David Simon
    Shitsquib! A shitsquib is something that happens when one mistakes something more substantial for a mere fart. I cannot speak to a shitsquid; consult a marine biologist perhaps. Come on, folks. we are working in oils here; do not bring Crayolas.

    Shitsquids are the advance guard of the Cephalopocalypse and will swarm out in the first hours. Tentacled nightmares from beyond spacetime have to burst into our universe some place, though nowhere in the Necronomicon does it state why they would choose to land in nine billion human lower gastrointestinal tracts.

    When squidlike horrors suddenly start parachuting out of everyone's anuses, you'll know the long anticipated day has finally arrived.

          1. I saw Camper in Santa Fe last summer, outdoor stage at a brewpub it was awesome. They have no excuse for not including us.

        1. I say we set him up with a desk and a mic, on the platform and make him do commentary as we behead the other assholes.
          Take the still dripping heads up to him and make him ask them spittle-flecked questions. Then set the heads in bowls around the desk.

          [ eta : I guess I'm gettin' kinda dark here ]

          1. It still would be great. Am picturing the gaping, wide-eyed heads of Toad, Cillizza, Bobo resting in bowls while Tweety fumes over the lack of civility.

  4. Sunday Nature Note: House finches will use their beaks to strip hair-thin lengths of bark and wood from a dead branch for use in nest-building material.

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