71 thoughts on “23 YEARS

    1. np. I can't get into WV right now on my laptop, only on work computer and on my phone so I only just saw them now.

      1. I made some new enemies at work today among the folks with whom i usually share the communal lunch table, when they said something about "Kung Flu" and I said "wow, that's super racist" and they all deflected and tried to laugh it off

          1. Official guidance from the Director includes

            "Stagger lunch breaks and avoid congregating in lunch or break rooms. Try a mindfulness break while eating at your desk."


            "To the extent feasible, in-person meetings should be conducted with sufficient space to allow about six feet between participants. Respect the physical separation guideline when entering and leaving conference rooms."

            We're gonna need a larger table…

          2. I'm staying home, where I don't even have a table.

            No, really. Other than the coffee table, that is.

    1. Soup-to-nuts, this is all gonna boil down to a hill o' beans…

      Which reminds me, how much soup, nuts, beans and boiling water do you have immediate and/or adjacent access to at the present moment? Also, too, tax cuts and small businesses. Asking for humans.

  1. Jesus Tapdancing Christ.

    It will be funny, in a Viddy-this-Horrorshow-O-My-Brothers way when on Friday all trade and travel from Europe except the UK goes into effect and in the next week, maybe two on the outside, the Coronavirus case infection incidence numbers in the UK hits the high end of the log phase growth curve and the real panic sets in. Because National Health has been critically underfunded by the Tories for well over a decade, critically short staffed due to Brexit exiters and they're further behind on testing and quarantine than we are here.

    Yes, we've finally got the kitchen door closed but the 30-60 feral pigs have been in the house for hours.

  2. Tom Hanks and his wife have it? JFC. And Italy’s medical chief has died if it, only three days after being diagnosed. JFC.

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