25 thoughts on “Is it Raining Molten Iron Where You Are?

    1. During the life-cycle of a typical virus, the virus does produce a magnetic effect, as the information-carrier molecule is charged, and the production of a new virus requires the net transport of charged molecules.

        1. Imma grab all the magnets I can and sell them as virus defeaters, since they will attract all the charged molecules so they can't duplicate..
          You want in?

    1. Each has to swear allegiance to one of two gangs — temple monkeys and city monkeys.
      Temple monkeys control the areas around Phra Prang Sam Yod, while their rivals are based in the municipality. The zones are divided by the northern train track.


      [ and can't come up with a "West Side Story" joke a'tall. ]

  1. Omg Justin Trudeau’s wife has coronavirus.

    Also spellcheck also now recognizes the word, “coronavirus.”

    Also I am trapped in line at Costco and the guy behind me is sneezing dramatically.

    We’re all gonna die.

      1. The bag boy at Costco said that they opened at 7 a.m. and that there was already a line of 2,000 people and the line snaked all around the parking lot. Crazy.

          1. Milking that sweet, sweet overtime. I never missed an opportunity.
            That sucks, having to work more than a full week to get by, though.

          2. True but at the same time Costco has a strong reputation for being very good to its employees. I think they might even be unionized.

          3. Yeah, I only wish there was a Costco I could support. Hell, we couldn't even keep our Kmart afloat.
            I worked for a big statewide gummint agency that paid us all the same regardless of location, with two major exceptions. If you worked in the Bay Area, you got a stipend for cost of living. If you worked in the North Hollywood shop, you got shitty workplace retention stipend.
            I imagine Costco is similar, paying the same regardless of location.

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