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  1. Governor Hogan of Maryland essentially shut the entire state down over the Coronavirus pandemic emergency today. We've had a steadily increasing incidence of confirmed infections and exposures over the past weeks, but the red line was the discovery of our state's first confirmed case of community transmission.

    Along with the statewide declaration of emergency, activating MEMA's readiness state to High and mobilizing the National Guard, everything – and I mean everything – is in shutdown. All schools, colleges and Universities closed, gathering of 250 people banned, Cruise line pier in the Port of Baltimore closed, all State offices shut down and closed to the public. State workers approved for telework must stay home. Sporting events cancelled, run with empty stands or postponed for a month.
    Coincidentally, my shop has an HQ shutdown telework test run scheduled for tomorrow. Events seem to have overtaken us on that one.

    I'm pretty well fixed to ride this out, with a well stocked supply cabinet and a very capable home office, but these are deeply disturbing times.

      1. Sure, why not. Better bring a U-Haul for the books, a boom crane and a reinforced fish transport tractor trailer and heavy duty Tasers for the… uh…

        Oh well, you'll find out

        1. lol!

          Turns out the City Hall in my little town literally just now declared a state of emergency, in response to the state and county's declarations yesterday. The City Council will hold an emergency meeting at 1 p.m. and the City Manager is going to start having people work from home. The City is also apparently going to not allow any gatherings of more than 250 people, which is kinda hilarious because I don't think there are any venues here that hold that many people.

          1. This is the way we're going to be living now. I've been getting text and email notes of all kinds of normal activities – meetings, concerts, dog events – that are suddenly with apologies cancelled. It's going to be a real shock to people when the entire country just stops cold. No idea how this will last.

            I went to the grocery store in town just now to get a few odds and ends. The hand soap and Purel shelf was, predictably, bare but the paper towel and TP shelves were blown out too. Oddly enough, the liquor and beer section was full.

            I just don't understand people's priorities.

          2. I was in the grocery store just now (again), decided I wanted some split peas, of course they were all out. But the funny part was this old man that I've never seen before (it's a small town so it's easy to see the same people shopping at the grocery store over and over), and he was shuffling in rumpled clothes, not like a homeless person but just like someone who doesn't leave the house much, and he hung a right in front of me and pushed his empty cart down the booze aisle.

            Wait, was that you?

    1. Wow, six weeks! Here they are only closing the schools for one week. Of course you've had a very concentrated outbreak up there.

  2. Can't get a firm number of total tests done in Az. seems to be fewer than 200.
    Nine identified cases.
    Some school closings and events cancelled, but nothing [ Gov ] mandatory as far as I can tell.

    1. The guys I jammed with ummmmmmm, once in the previous month are going to have to do it without me.
      Last week drummer cancelled b.c. felt like flu. I had not heard updates from anyone by yesterday. Am nervous enough that texted them that they should go on without me.

    2. Letter from NM liquor license regulation board, dated March 12

      "while these venues may remain open and serve customers, they are precluded from holding concerts, DJ'd events conferences and other similar happenings".

  3. D'OH!

    |Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro 'tests positive for coronavirus' |

    Bolsonaro dined with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday night and videos and photos, including some on Wajngarten’s own Instagram account, showed the press secretary, Bolsonaro and Trump all in close proximity. “I’m not concerned,” Trump told reporters on Thursday.

    Maybe that explains this:

    | ǝpᴉuɥɔs
    my teenage daughter edited together a version of trump's address with only heavy breathing moments and I honestly don't think I've ever been prouder of her

    1. Well, the $1.5 T only soothed the markets for about 15 minutes. Maybe he wants to cause another mass money-loss

  4. Caroline Freedman, Warren Democrat @nailstonickels

    Maddy, we are living in a country where 70% of men just learned to wash their hands this week, so honestly who knows

  5. A friend of mine in Orange County just changed jobs last month, and the school district she's now working for is shutting down for a month starting now. That's gonna hurt.

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