126 thoughts on “Muskrat’s not for everyone

        1. Thanks. I've seen individuals doing fb live or similar, but uncoordinated efforts. I'll take this back to the abq music hive. I'd like to attempt maybe some outdoor concert events if we can

        2. "The artistic community, which already experiences economic insecurity in good times…"

          Good stuff. Also shared w some musician types in C-Addle (as weejee would say)

    1. Should probably have a staff meeting to review policies, reconcile new policies with the Wonkville Mission Statement, and get customers.

      1. Geico sent me one

        Amid ongoing concern about the coronavirus COVID-19, GEICO's top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our policyholders. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing around the evolving situation, and we're committed to being responsive and flexible to our customers' needs.

      1. Same, although i read deep enough to learn that Rumsfeld was or is on the board of Gilead, and that the same company did the same thing with an HIV retroviral

          1. Heh. So Thurs I told non-band that I'm out. Two messages this a.m.

            1. at the doctor now, have been sick all week
            I'm contagious but no corona definitely.

            2. In the same boat. I came down with some kind of stomach virus yesterday

          2. I came down with fucking flesh-eating virus a couple of weeks ago. Well, cellulitis, but it's the same damned thing, a skin infection gone mad. I've been sick AF for too damned long now.

          3. Massive amounts of antibiotics, starting with an IV drip in the ER before being sent home with 2 more prescriptions for oral abx. It's really a lot better than it was.

      1. They closed all 15 mountains they own, coast-to-coast. From what I've heard it's because of a bartender in Utah that came down with CV with no known contact with a high risk person or place. So-called abundance of caution. The corporation will be fine, but the seasonal employees won't be.

      1. Almost washed my hands
        Happened just the other day

        But I didn't and I wonder why
        I feel like letting my freak flag fly
        And I feel like I owe it, to someone, yeah

        Must be because I had the flu this Christmas
        And I'm not feeling up to par
        And increases my paranoia

    1. How the fuck does a guy like him end up working paycheck to paycheck, when one paycheck of his is more Ameros than I've made in my fucking life?

    1. I doubt the fucker drove all the way from Florida for a ski vacation. They're fundamentally incapable of telling the truth.

    1. Well -spaced clientelle seating. But the best part was back at SIs's RV park.
      Lotta Canidiens staying there, got notice that they have until the end of the month to get back or they're fucked.
      I asked around to see if any would take me too, but nahhhhhh.

      Key word in one of the word-games we play, was muskrat

      Hear one of their neighbors exclaiming that he almost walked on a baby snake…..diamonds on it's back…..I go over and it's a gophersnake [ or bullsnake some call it ]. I ask if they have a bag, so they get a plastic grocery bag . Snake is pretty chill, and has a fresh scar longways like maybe opened crawling under a fence. So I grabbed it with the bag and took it over to the arroyo nearby and let it go.

      <img src="https://live.staticflickr.com/4450/37157422560_f45b938ee4_b.jpg&quot; width="300" height="300">

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