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  1. So I have a ridiculous dilemma. I finally – FINALLY got myself a new laptop last week, ordered it from Costco. When I ordered it, things weren't so bad re lines stretching for miles, etc., things were still just normal but the tipping point was happening that day and I didn't realize it.

    Long story short I checked the box for "Warehouse pick-up" for me to come in and get the laptop instead of having it mailed to my house. Now I am wondering if Costco is even going to be open on Wednesday, when it comes in.

    And yes, I did try to change the order to have it delivered to my house, but turns out their system only has a one-hour window for changes. Sigh.

    Yes, I know, first world problems, but still. The irony. I have been living on a stupid Chromebook for two years and I finally spring for a real computer and this happens.

      1. The crazy thing is that my Chromebook is dying and I am worried about being left without any connection to the outside world, so I stopped in Best Buy on Saturday and bought myself the cheapest Chromebook they had ($199) so once I do finally get my fancy new laptop I will have that and a backup.

      1. Thanks! That is encouraging news! I know it is silly but honestly, I wait two years to justify buying a new laptop and of course I buy it right when a pandemic hits.

        At lunch just now, I had decided to splurge and get some nice fabric to do some sewing with, just in case I have to stay quarantined or whatevs. I have storage buckets FULL of fabric, but saw some new trendy stuff from Japan and decided to get it, had thought about it over the weekend and decided that yes, GET THE DAMN FABRIC. Well I got to the counter and turns out that the hipster boutique that sells it tells me that they have changed their labeling to show pricing for a half-yard, rather than a yard. That means what I thought was $15.50 a yard is $31.00 a yard and FUCK NO I DO NOT NEED FANCY JAPANESE SEERSUCKER THAT BADLY.

        So I guess this means I will have to sew with what I have. Le sigh.

      1. Diving in Jervis Bay, Australia, the scientists documented as many as 16 gloomy octopuses all living in a large pile of discarded shells—dubbed Octopolis—mating and fighting, even during the daytime.

        Whatinhell do they have to be gloomy about? All Octopolis needs is Jazz and beads and it's New Orleans.

      1. Have you heard the joke going around about COVID 19 being a "Boomer Remover?" (eyeroll)

        And anit-vaxxers should be launched into the sun.

    1. Heh.
      There used to be a cable show about people calling law enforcement after vehicular encounters with deer, always seeking permission to load up the carcass or euthanize it then load it up. I'm all for not wasting the meat, but the one time a deer broadsided me, there wasn't much usable meat left anyway.

      1. “This is an economy built on discretionary consumption.” He was referring to all the nonessential purchases that people make in their daily lives, things ranging from new clothes and appliances to personal services such as spa sessions, meals in restaurants, and Uber rides.

  2. I think West Virginia has no cases because no one has visited the state in years, and those that get out never come back.

  3. Good news!

    Superstitious cranks who study a badly translated Reader's Digest mish-mash text of Middle Eastern tall tales for signs of the End of the World claim that their badly translated Reader's Digest mish-mash text of Middle Eastern tall tales says that | this isn't the End of the World |

    They're reluctant to blame it on Trump, I think.

    EDIT: And people might stop sending them money!

      1. Yeah, he's great. We did a show with him last month, and plan (fingers crossed) to do another in April. He's super versatile too

    1. haha! In the comments:

      Replying to
      Come get your boy, Dave.
      dave karpf
      <cracks knuckles>

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