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    1. This one is hilarious

      Charles Boylan

      Get a grip people. Those curses are directed at specific long dead people…….

          1. I was thinking of

            "How come no-one wrote a song about steve goodman?"

            I have it down as full, but I reckon that'll work too.

            {F} How come no-one wrote a song about steve [ Fdim] goodman?
            [C] Must not be missed as much as people [ Cdim] said

          2. As long as two of the notes are the m3 and b5, you can do it with three notes (and/or use an open string for the 4th note)

          3. I tried to play a Cdim and an augmented on a mandolin once (in a Leon Redbone song). It did not go well.

          4. CORRECTION: the augmented chord was in Que Sera Sera. the mandolin chords for that were so torturous that i ended up playing single-string tremolo countermelodies instead.

            We regret the error

        1. working title "market forces"


          D D7
          what will the answer be?
          G Em7b5
          and who receives a remedy?
          D A G D
          their credit scores will decide which ones survive

  1. Well shit, I am not sure, but it looks like my county is now telling everyone they must shelter in place. I am not quite sure, though. There are now five confirmed cases of community transmission. Fuck.

    I have a special pass, regardless, and will need to mostly be in the office. The pass will also hopefully enable me to make trips to Trader Joes when I run out of chocolate-covered orange sticks and cat food. #PRIORITIES But it is just not clear yet from the County's website as to whether they mean it is mandatory for everyone, and I think if it WAS mandatory for everyone they would make that VERY clear.

    I do think, however, that this is coming for everyone, very soon.

    ETA: If I die, yes, you can all have my stuff, although my cats will probably kill you before you can reach the good stuff.

    1. One hopes for the best, of course, but dibs on the new laptop!

      By the way, a lot of ambiguity about this shelter-in-place thing.

      1. Lol, the laptop is AWESOME. It has a backlit keyboard and a touch screen!

        And yes, the directives on sheltering in place are a bit ambiguous at the moment.

    2. I think you're right (about coming for everyone soon). West Coast cities seem to be about a week behind Italy, and we're only a couple days after that. People (i.e. wingnuts) here are freaking out about emergency orders now in place that allow the city/county/state to close streets and businesses, and issue curfews.

          1. I wish we had that happening. I went to the local market today, and there were only a few of us shopping, mostly older than myself. The shelves were reasonably well stocked, but it cost twice as much as it would in town.

          1. There's a … machine … for that, has a large weighted knife that rides vertically on a tall track. Gravity operated, no batteries necessary.

            Somebody will have to operate it for them, though.

    1. My county has 562 cases and 56 deaths. Fortunately, we have a full freezer and our oldest grandbabby, she's 28, has offer to run errands if required. They haven't ordered us inside yet, so I do my morning walk and visit the office/shop a half block away since it is just my bride and I there and easy to keep the doorknob and mail slot swabbed.

    2. Just recorded out first death here last night.

      COVID-19 Statistics in Maryland

      Number of Confirmed Cases: 107
      Number of Deaths: 1

      Cases by County:
      Anne Arundel – 5
      Baltimore City – 8
      Baltimore County – 12
      Calvert – 1
      Carroll – 2
      Charles – 2
      Frederick – 1
      Harford – 3
      Howard – 16
      Montgomery – 33
      Prince George's – 23
      Talbot – 1

      Cases by Age Range:
      Under 18 : 1
      18-64 : 76
      65+ : 30

    1. I have a virus named for the town in New York where it was first diagnosed. I hate New York State because of it. Fuck you, New York!

        1. Conflict:

          —-Make time to unwind. Try to do some other activities you enjoy.

          —-avoid alcohol and drugs.

  2. OK. As we face horrible death in a global pandemic, I have come to a decision. The reasons for which are not important at the moment.

    I am going to tune the dreadnaught guitar down to Eb.
    I know you will all be supportive of this decision.

      1. Messing with the 12 string, where G is now Eb, I realized that what I can do that most approximates singing
        is in the Eb Bb Ab area.

  3. The city of Sacramento has just implemented a Shelter in Place order for EVERYONE. It will be enforced by police.

  4. Let's see… I have enough cat litter, rice, pasta, knitting needles and yarn, two tubes of toothpaste, ant spray, cough drops, shampoo and conditioner, chocolate, anything I missed?

        1. Good. Easy ones. Just was wondering how much time knitting is going to fill after a coupla weeks.

          Get a ukulele and learn to play.

  5. I just spoke with a friend of mine who is a lawyer for a city and whose law firm contracts with cities all over the state. Turns out there are a whole bunch of other cities and counties in California that have already put full shelter in place orders in, including Orange County (!) He said that they are expecting that Los Angeles County will do so tomorrow or the next day. That is 12 million people. Yikes.

  6. As I prepare to make a new post, I realize that added to the current hed shoudl have been


    Oh well. \

      1. It's been hard to focus .
        Also, now that I think about it, it should have been among the first ten comments .

      1. Expert Sources@Expert_Sources

        I know it looks bad on the SURFACE; but when you look into it further, it looks way worse

      2. I'm seeing reports that while she is truly a terrible warmonger, she was not in the briefing and her sales happened prior

  7. Now Los Angeles County, City of Los Angeles, and also Pasadena have issued shelter I’m place orders, that’s about 12 million people.

    Thank god we have all moved to streaming services instead of video stores.

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