93 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars Whistling Past the Graveyard

    1. I "work" at the AZ DOR. We have done little. Very little. Spread a few people out. Got a few people laptops and told them to work from home. People here are not doing anything to stop the spread, The friggin' gov declared pawn shops and golf courses "essential bidnesses".

      1. The golf course 15 miles north of me is staying open. One person per cart, and they've removed all the hole pins and flags and rakes from the sand traps and closed the clubhouse and pro shop. Only accepting online reservations and payments. Why bother?

        1. It's be about 15 years since the last time I golfed. It was in a place more remote than you Biff – suburban, way suburban Soda Springs, ID. I played with right-handed irons and lefty woods and putter. Did get some serious WTF stares doing that.

          1. I've never golfed. I caddied when I was a kid, then I took my pay to the putting green and promptly lost it. I've never gambled since then, so at least I learned something.

  1. Bernie managed to defeat the "Sasse Amendment" however, so unemployment benefits will remain unmolested. Not as good as straight-up executing Chris Matthews in Central Park, but something

      1. What would you do if I threw up onstage
        Would you stand up and walk out on me?
        Lend me your ear and I'll sing you a song
        and I'll try not to throw up on thee.
        – Joe Cocker

        1. NYC and NJ Metro areas are disasters, with the actual COVID-19 infection and death rates far higher than reported for lack of confirmatory testing.
          MD's got 74 new cases since last night, for a total of 423 confirmed and 67 hospitalizations. 4 deaths I think so far. Everything's buttoned up except essential services like liquor and grocery stores. Gatherings of 10 people or more are prohibited and State Troopers will be nasty if they see any. Schools and Uni's closed for the Duration. State Agency's still running but you can't get into any buildings unless you aren't sick and better have a damned good reason.
          MVA's are all closed. I'm so glad I rushed getting my Real ID and Passport renewed before the shit hit, those will come in real handy at home now.
          I've been teleworking well since the 11th and haven't been sick once, probably was some of those purple berries. We're doing very well keeping the wheels turning with a far flung HQ home office staff.
          I woke up all stressed out at 3 AM, couldn't get back to sleep. I need to pull it together and stop with the news.
          My vet is only open for emergencies and Telemedicine consults now for the duration.
          We've been getting spectacular spring days like today, bracketed by gloomy cold grey rainy ones. Getting outside today was helpful for the ol' cabin fever.

    1. Re branding : Pineapple with marinara sauce, melted mozzarella, and pepperoni
      [ If that's real pepperoni–doesn't quite look right ] Maybe brown it a little more.

        1. Wait, there's more [ did not know ]
          In many countries, however, the prized fruit has a name similar to "ananas" that comes from the Tupi [ Brazilian indig. tribe ] word "nanas," meaning "excellent fruit," and was recorded by André Thevet, a French Franciscan priest and explorer in 1555.

          So will have to name this dish 'ananaz ' or similar.

  2. Welp, it came home this morning. A guy I knew died from the 'ronas. He lived up in Mammoth and worked in restaurants, as in more than one. Who knows who he got it from, and who he could have infected while asymptomatic? This is bad, like real bad. It's a small town, and mostly youthful and very social. I doubt the bars and restaurants were closed soon enough.

  3. We're just back from making nwighborjood noise for the healthcare people. Some were clapping, some shouting, some banging pots, and I played far too many verses of Let it Be on an acoustic.

      1. Not a necessity but am thinking about it and will do if somewhat effective and cheap.

        To hang something from a doorway that will mute [ at least some ] both out-going and in-coming sounds. So needs to be retractable , and not fully soundproofed because cost a fortune. This is not for acoustic panels for
        good recording sound.

        eta: not exactly from a doorway, but from the vent above the doorway.

          1. Could you go to a steel or welding supply store and get strap material and bend it to fit your needs? I've made countless brackets out of it.

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