67 thoughts on “Telework Issues in the Modern Home Office Workplace

  1. Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking
    Said his wifey dear
    Now that all is peaceful and calm
    The staff will soon be back at the firm
    Mister Reuben started winking and slowly rubbed his chin
    He pulled his chair up close to mother
    And he asked her with a grin

    [Chorus (sung twice after each verse):]
    How ya gonna keep 'em in business attire
    After they've worked Pants-Free?

  2. Nephew just sent email that says in part

    __________ is a dick place to work

    It sorta goes downhill from there.

      1. That's right, they are using the "essential" department (////////) as an umbrella for the entire company.

        and everyone has to go in whether they have anything to do with the essential function or not.

          1. he did tell of team-building where they had to build-and-test trebuchets.
            Will inquire about the guillotines.
            Maybe one that'll do a dozen at a time, for, ya know, efficiency.

    1. I just watched a (fictional) show called "FBI: Most Wanted" about those fucking people. Fictional TV shows are scary accurate sometimes.

  3. 49 cases in Pima County 3/25
    102 on 3/27

    Sis headed back to T or C where Sierra County has no listed cases, because no -one has been tested there.

  4. Olga Khazan
    Please, God, someone do a sport so my boyfriend will stop talking about his sourdough starter

    1. “There's an ingrained distrust in our society of highly intelligent, highly trained, highly competent persons. One need only look at the last presidential election for proof of that.”
      ― John Brunner, The Sheep Look Up, 1972

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