67 thoughts on “Well……

          1. Once I noticed the first doubling it's been interesting terrifying
            to keep track every other day.

          2. But the market is rebounding, so there's that.
            I've said it before and will continue repeating, the market is fucking psychopathic.

  1. Maggie Haberman
    Once again, wondering how Trump would have fared had he ever run for office in NY and had to face either the NYC or Albany press corp.

    [via Atrios because I'm not gonna link to her motherfucking twitter ]

      1. Yeah. It's mostly to stay the spread, since may not have symptoms, but can spread it. Would feel better if the people stocking the vegetables were wearing one.
        not really to keep you safe.

        1. Yeah, I get that. I'd wear one to keep myself from sneezing on others and food. Being around people wearing scents causes me to sneeze, and that can get you killed around these parts.

    1. *ukes*
      I got to spend some quality time with a U-Bass like that, quite impressive sound, but they have to be amplified.

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