103 thoughts on ““At this point I ran out of magnets.”

      1. Yeah, my prognosis would not be too good either.
        Waiting for today's Pima Cty number to see if it doubled since 29th.

        I wonder if there is a betting line in Vegas on this.

      2. Have you ever driven a car at over 200 mph? If you get a dry cough and really tight chest you might give it a try. Few folks on highways so few popo.

      1. They are so scared that tRump will cut their access if they don't give him blowjobs 24/7. Fuck most of the LSM, they're little better than FUX.

      1. dude if we aren’t bartering dried beans and ammo with the last person who remembers how to make antibiotics in a year let’s call it a win

    Mar 12
    We’ve made the difficult decision to cancel currently scheduled Wienermobile events for the near future. The health & safety of our fans, the Hotdoggers & the public is top priority. We look forward to getting back on the hot dog highway as soon as we can. Stay safe everyone

  2. John Henry
    Suddenly, the whole nation is depending on the same people they say shouldn’t make $15 an hour.

    1. what do you call a chord with a 6 and a flat 5? it's like a m6 of the relative minor key (e.g. Cm6, but with Eb in the tonic position, so Eb6b5)

        1. OK with me, just so it's not G11b13.

          No fretting for me for a few days since earlier this evening I managed to take a nice chunk off my index finger at the knuckle. Haven't smashed a toe in weeks, though.

          1. Ouch. So you put the cinder blocks up at finger height?

            This is a passing chord to a D7, so two notes change and two stay the same. It could also be a Am7b5 (/Eb), same diff, but the other one was better.

            It took me a while to figure out but the opening arpeggio in Paul McCartney "New" is a G straight 13 (FM7 and G at the same time)


          2. That's all the white keys. He probably rested his arm on the piano.and figured he's write that down.

          3. ‘Right, you get on that end, and I’ll get on this end.’ I was at the treble end, and he was at the bass end. And, as we were peddling like mad, he said, ‘What I want you to do is hit any note, any note at all. Don’t worry about what ones; just hit notes with both hands, as you feel like it. I’ll do the same this end,


          4. Well, ID nixed replies but there is a Beatles Blog that plausibly explained to me what the 'Maori Finish ' is.

  3. Now that it is the Cruelest Month…

    Stay Home

    I will wait here in the fields
    to see how well the rain
    brings on the grass.
    In the labor of the fields
    longer than a man’s life
    I am at home. Don’t come with me.
    You stay home too.

    I will be standing in the woods
    where the old trees
    move only with the wind
    and then with gravity.
    In the stillness of the trees
    I am at home. Don’t come with me.
    You stay home too.

    –Wendell Berry

    1. Outrider Foundation
      ………… We believe in the power of an informed, engaged public.

      Oh well………..

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