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      1. OMG i ran the Boudewijn de Groot lyrics through machine translation omg

        Who can tell me about the first flying machine
        Did you see it when it crashed down?
        Now you chuckle, but you don't chuckle when you crash to death:
        An airplane is a plea with which you cannot exercise

        And our street never raged, no cars and no cyclists
        No buses and no bikers, because you no longer had them

        Life in our village was full of legends and legends
        Full of vagaries and acquaintances, ready to pull out
        At the first calf cast

        Where's that sweet tooth time?
        Where's it in the haste?

          1. Do you mean mine? Thx that was last Friday's project. It was fun. I needed to get the drums out of the car and thought hey why not

          2. I now have 12 subscribers, which is 1.2% of what I need to qualify for youtube ad revenue

          3. I have two more gmail accounts.

            Now gonna have some distance-appropriate beers with retired librarians.

  1. Just the | latest victims of the Kennedy Curse. | Dammit.

    Just about 14 NM due west of me, straight across the Bay. I hope they're found soon but, sadly, they won't be alive. The water temp is around 50 deg. F and that gives us a survival time of 1 to a max of 6 hours. That's assuming that they remembered to put on PFD's which they probably did not. We see this far too often around here.

      1. My vest saved me one time. I was learning to water ski, and I took a high speed fall. Dislocated both shoulders, because I forgot to let go of the rope. Can't swim in such condition, I learned.

      1. Nothing found for "potato pride"
        Sorry, there are no songs found for your request (unless you typed it wrong).
        How about making a tab for it? This will help other people looking for it.

      1. Diner: "Excuse me M'seur, I'd like to give the violinist some money."
        Maître D': "Very good sir."
        Diner: "How much should I give, do you think"
        Maître D' : "Oh, as much as you think it is worth to you."
        Diner: "Ah yes, thank you."
        *Maître D' leaves*
        Diner: "You sir, with the violin: Come here!"
        Musician: "Yes sir!"
        Diner: Here is $50. Go away."

          1. Definitely a Youngman routine, but this joke is so hoary that I wouldn't be surprised if Aristophanes told it.

            I was too lazy to search, so I had to recreate it from scratch.

          2. Yep, you're right.

            Oh! what deadly torture to hear Chaeris perform the prelude in the Orthian mode


    1. Damn it. I have nearly unlimited amounts of shale available here, and prodigious quantities of pee. I want to know how you're supposed to keep it lit, though.

      1. I lived at over 8,000 ft for 25 years. There's more moving parts to it than this article shows. Your lungs increase in size, you gain a pint or more of blood to move the oxygen around. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long to lose your acclimatization.

      1. Yeah, the Foul Miasma is sneaky, it can catch you if you're not vigilant.

        As a student of both dystopian fiction and plague/inquisition era history, I have been preparing for this moment my whole life.

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