18 thoughts on “Wrong Aspect Ratio!!!

  1. Jesus Tapdancing Christ

    |Ward Carroll
    Transcript of Acting SECNAV's recent 1MC remarks to the crew of Theodore Roosevelt. (He's aboard.) Long story short, he's convinced he did the right thing.

    <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EU68BRpWoAAhODg?format=jpg&name=900×900"/&gt;

    You can imagine how that went over with the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Oh wait – you don't have to:


    In what fucking universe is this considered acceptable behavior?

    1. Goddammitt!!!

      Well, at least Zero Hedge blog reports that heat-detecting drones will be able to identify
      those people with a fever. Not sure what happens after that……………….

      [ also, don't ask how I know that ]

      1. I was really looking forward to Jade Helm actually expanding this year due to the closure of so many Sears and Kmart stores. Why confine the fun to Walmart, eh?

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