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    1. Hot (of course). Some ppl wear masks, some don't. The skies are clear at night & we can see stars, which is nice. There's not much traffic, which is also nice. The ones on the road are taking advantage of it and driving crazy fast wheeee! I'm working from home and realized quickly how lazy the cat really is. (he's super lazy) We're doing good. How's the old pueblo?

      1. Same speed racer stuff. I only ever go out for beer and food anyway, so not much different for me. Masked is very dominant, but in spring there's usually a lot of people in pollen masks anyway.

        1. I almost bought some chicken to grill last time I went shopping, but all I could think of was the hundreds of rona cases at all the packing plants.

          1. Candy Man !!!
            [ got local butcher, not sure where they get their meat. Isn't there someone up the road who has
            a chicken you could borrow ? ]

          2. Heh. True.

            eta; some of the old country blues people did stretch the limits of what a guitar could
            put up with. There's a video [ can't remember which song ] of Fred McDowell playing [electric though] some fat strings in F. Though the recording coulda nudged the key. One of the commenters said he spent the whole song waiting for the neck to snap.

          3. I've gone the other direction with my Silvertone. It doesn't have a truss rod, so I put a 13 gauge set on it tuned down to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

          4. We saw Buddy Guy last year. He left the stage in the middle of a solo and his guitarist took over. He returned about three minutes later and picked up where he left off. After the song was over he said, "I ain't going to lie to you all, I had to pee real bad."

          5. Verily . I thought in the old days they just went behind the stacks. Or was that to do a line. Or both I guess.

        1. SSDD.
          It's all of a sudden summer-like, the reservoir up on the mountain that feeds my ditch and pond is thawed out and water began to flow today, which is nice.

    1. Won't let me in, but I reckon it's about the mayor who said ,"Fuck you", and the State Po replied, "No, fuck YOU."

      1. Yup. I heard folks at the dog park this morning say they wanted to go to Grants for pet grooming. I was like, sure head to a place with no public health controls, great plan. Why not Somalia?

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