108 thoughts on “Some guy on a couch in New Jersey with a guitar

  1. Kristin Cavallari announces divorce from Jay Cutler after 10 years together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Cool. The yootoob sez

      Live in 4 hours
      April 26, 6:00 PM
      I once took the trouble to learn Leon's "Ballad of Mad Dogs and Englishmen"

  2. Shindig! Magazine had a streaming music festival yesterday, headliners were Paul Weller, Jason Falkner, and one of the dudes from the Pretty Things. Many great young neopsych bands, modern raga etc.

      1. if those guys are actually jamming together live, I'd like to know what software they're using. because everything I've looked into doesn't work realtime. There's just too much latency, even if you all happen to live on the same block…

        1. My bass player has had some success with Jamkazam, if you use an ethernet cable and not wifi. We've started a remote recording project, but the need to do live instruments at the same time hasn't come up yet

          1. I've researched a bunch of them. NinJam seems to be the one people claim works best. I'll prolly have to try them all out and see if any of them are worth a darn

          2. Friend of mine just msg'd me. Says he's set this up and has tweaked it to get latency down to 6-8 ms

          3. although that means 6-8 ms "in addition" to everything else. I've noticed if I try using Mainstage midi'd to my keyboard and layer the internal patches to the MS patches, there's a huge bit of latency.

      2. That's the one! There's some filler, and you have to imagine what some of the bands would sound like fully populated, but the raw material is mostly great.

        I particularly recommend The Blank Tapes, the Moons, Triptide, Grean Seagull, the Young Sinclairs, and wonkville's perennial favorite, Gloria in Excelsis Stereo https://howlinbananarecords.bandcamp.com/album/gl

  3. Quiz: Which person at which publication tweeted this:

    Trump’s Disinfectant Remark Raises a Question About the ‘Very Stable Genius’ –

    1. "Very stable genius".
      You just know his mother told him that, and he's never forgotten it.
      My mother, on the other hand, called me a failure who would never amount to anything. You'll never see me running for office.

        1. I think there's potential . Those small loops over Philly and then the large loop going S.E. might morph into a likeness.

    1. So one side says 5G causes it, and the other side says microwaves might stop it.
      Fuck it, we're all gonna die of something, right?

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